I am a Mom Blogger

I am a mom blogger which means, pointedly, that I get a lot of stuff! How this all came to be, I have no idea, but invariably I am deluged with product pitches from lotion to baby bibs to electronic gadgets every single day of the week. I’m not complaining, though. I love it. But I can’t help but reflect on how pristine mom blogging was four years ago, seemingly light years before moms were identified as marketers’ dream demographic.

I started blogging in 2004 when mom blogging was considered a literary release for many moms. We connected based on ideas about motherhood and picked apart parenting theories. We genuinely learned from one another and honed our skills as writers, even if some of us had never published an article in our lives. We shared the ups and downs of pregnancy, marriage, adoption and our children’s future. We argued – quite brazenly – about the latest “mommy wars” article written simply to stir our emotions and attract traffic. Now, five years later, mom blogging has transformed into a daily hodgepodge of products and giveaways. Where are our authentic voices?

I suppose I am feigning nostalgic about the good old days of mom blogging because I have a stack of products strewn about my office, all in desperate need of an editorial review. After writing about products every day I am beginning to miss intellectualizing on how to craft a well-written sentence.

If this sounds like a rant on the current state of mom blogging, it is, in a sense. I deeply miss what used to be, but am thrilled to be around to see how it has evolved. I guess my only option is to turn my product reviews into literary masterpieces. Now, where’s that lotion?

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