The Top 10 Lessons I Learned from Blogher

I had a great time at Blogher. I truly did, but it was so overwhelming at times that I wanted to get as far away as possible. There was so much going on that I felt like I needed to be two places at once, but that’s my fault. Time at Blogher was seemingly too short and there was an immense amount of people to meet, suites to attend, sightseeing to do, and brands to engage with.

So, in light of my Blogher weekend, I have come up with ten lessons I will definitely enact at Blogher10.

1. Pay my own way. I am immensely appreciative of my sponsor, Stonyfield Farm, but next year I want to go sans sponsor. It will give me one less thing to think about. As someone who needs mental organization, too many things in my brain at once can be disastrous.

2. Schedule time before Blogher with friends. It’s amazing how many friends I thought I’d just run into at Blogher. That just isn’t the case. Blogher is far too big for that.

3. Decide the sessions I want to attend before Blogher, not during breakfast each day before sessions start.

4. Visit the exhibitor hall. I didn’t visit the exhibitor hall save a few minutes with @bostonmamas and @that_danielle. I would have liked to see the brands that were there and interact more with their reps, but I didn’t do that this year. I just didn’t have time.

5. Have dinner with friends. I think I ate dinner alone two out of the four nights I was in Chicago. I was always so hungry and horrible at pre-planning time with friends. I want to eat dinner with friends every night next year.

6. Get more social and obligate myself to less. My goal is to meet people, but sadly I didn’t have enough time for that. Sigh.

7. Bring my family. I enjoyed Chicago so much that I wish my family was able to enjoy it with me. Next year, I’m bringing my family so my daughters can experience New York at a young age. I want them to love New York City as much as I do.

8. Take more pictures. Honestly, it’s pathetic how few pictures I took the entire five days I was in Chicago. Really pathetic.

9. Exercise. I have been exercising regularly since April, so not exercising for five days really sent my metabolism into a tailspin. Next year, I need to schedule time to walk or just hop on the treadmill.

10. Slow down. Next year at Blogher10 I owe it to myself to slow down. Blogher will only become what I make of it and I don’t want it to be some crazy, hurried experience like this year. I learn very quickly and I know for a fact that next year I want to take it nice and easy, enjoy the moment, and above all else, enjoy Blogher.

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