What’s the Next Big Mom Blogging Trend?

I have been quite driven lately. I am rekindling the same drive I had in 2003 when I first started making web sites and I credit Blogher for giving me the motivation to start creating again.

For a while I had become quite complacent with all of my web projects, simply idling watching them grow, concentrating on social media and not putting very much creative effort into them. But now, I feel this spark of energy that tells me I need to do more, that I really need to step up my game because the tide in mom blogging is shifting —- again.

Two years ago I felt the shift happening in the mom blogging space. I knew then that around late 2008 and into 2009 mom bloggers would become the marketing darlings of the Internet. I was right and positioned myself well for the new world of mom blogging that dictated good writing isn’t always enough and that, lo and behold, social media would eclipse everything.

Now that junkets are quickly becoming trite, products are rife in the mom blogging space mostly to little or no measurable effect and giveaways are becoming more and more burdensome for moms, where is mom blogging going next?

I have a hunch that brands will begin using top mom bloggers as paid spokespeople for targeted mom-oriented campaigns, especially as the holidays near and marketing budgets still remain smaller than usual. It’s not as easy to dole out big money to celebs these days and it’s becoming increasingly standard that — right now at least — digital moms hold the real marketing might.

Mom bloggers have already begun becoming spokespeople for major brands, but I certainly believe the numbers will grow as brands develop innovative ways to tap into the already saturated mom blogging market. In fact, I was asked to be a spokesperson for a major brand, but it was not the right fit for me. After speaking to the PR firm that was putting their spokesperson program together, I know for sure that mom bloggers as spokespeople is one of the next big steps in mom blogging.

I have my eyes on more trends in the mom blogging space, but for now I’ll keep those to myself until I see more evidence of them.

What do you think is the next big mom blogging trend?

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