Are Mom Bloggers Rocking the Gaming World?

I have always been a gamer mom, so now that the video game industry has caught up with those of us who are gamers and mom bloggers, I’m one happy camper! You can probably guess how excited I was to work with EA Sports on their EA Sports Active campaign. I didn’t know then how a fitness game would work, but as it turns out I was able to lose a lot of weight using it. I have lost 35 pounds since April, so, yeah, it definitely works! But, that’s not my point. EA Sports’s PR campaign is my point.

In June, EA’s president, Peter Moore, said that they would be looking to, women’s magazines with strong websites and mommy bloggers for their Wii titles. Having been a part of the successful launch of EA Sports Active as a mom blogger I was immensely proud that a gaming company recognized the power of mom bloggers and were not afraid to engage with us.

Now that EA Sports has seen success partnering with mom bloggers, other gaming companies have seen the light and now want to leverage the power of mom bloggers to tout their games not only as parents of children who game, but also as gaming consumers. Today, ran an interview with Mike Hayes, the President and COO of Sega. According to Hayes one of the things he’s looking forward to doing is working with mom bloggers in Europe.

Well, it’s what’s going on here at the moment, the mommy bloggers. What a brilliant idea. I’m sure there are mommy bloggers in Europe. But I’m not aware that we’ve done a press event specifically for them. And with the mass-market nature of videogaming now, and how important moms are — not just in the purchase, but as consumers themselves — what a great idea. So I think that’s something I’d love to see more of in European territories. Just as one example. I think it’s having that view of both that we can share the benefits.

I’m glad to see gaming companies are working with mom bloggers and hope more of them do so. Now, they have to figure out that moms don’t just play fitness games, casual online games and Wii games. We’re all over the board.

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