Are You Following These Moms on Twitter?

Last night while I was cooking dinner I pondered for a second how it must feel to be a brand-new mom blogger and newbie Twitter user in 2009. Not only are there manifold mom blogs to read and numerous niches to navigate, there are also countless conversations to be hip to and many leaders to follow.

I’m quite sure new mothers to our digital space get swirly eyes just looking into our oftentimes chaotic community and are overwhelmed when they join our ranks. That said, I decided to come up with a list of 25 moms on Twitter all new mom bloggers should follow and I also give my reasons why.

Clearly, there are more than 25 influential moms in the Twitterverse, but these are the moms I’ve included on my list. Other lists, I’m sure, will vary. If you have other mom suggestions, please feel free to add them in the comments, but you must say why they should be followed.

By the way, all of these moms, I’ve noticed, have a few traits in common.

1. They are not afraid of the medium. In other words, they speak their mind and are not hesitant to help shape the future of the blogging community.

2. They actually use Twitter; that is, they don’t just pop in every once in a blue moon to push their site, peddle their product, or solely use a Twitterfeed.

3. They understand the power of lightning fast communication and use it to express their myriad opinions, but also utilize Twitter to listen to others.

1. 5 Minutes for Mom (@5minutesformom) Why? Janice and Susan have built arguably one of the most well-known networks of mom blogs on the Internet. Through a dedication to helping other bloggers and working seamlessly with companies, 5 Minutes for Mom remains a standout among a crowded sea of blogs authored by moms.

2. Alli Worthington (@alliworthington) Why? Alli is a new media mogul who leveraged her site’s brand to create a successful annual conference and is recognized as one of the top women in social media. Alli is always quick to create a new site when the need is there and pulls other bloggers into her fold to provide opportunities for them to grow.

3. Barbara Jones (@barbarajones) Why? The brains behind One2One Network, Barbara is a pro when it comes to marketing and forging solid, lasting relationships with digital moms. Plus, she is one of the first people to successfully integrate and introduce musical artists into the mom blogging community.

4. Beth Blecherman (@techmama) Why? There is no better mom in tech to follow than Beth. Well-connected and well-respected within the male-dominated tech community, follow Beth for the latest updates on tech events, promotions and new gadgets.

5. Christine Koh (@bostonmamas) Why? Christine is a deep thinker and lucid writer. Together, these two traits are quite powerful! Follow Christine for her clear analysis of current happenings in the mom blogger community. You’ll learn a great deal from her. Plus, as one of the best review bloggers on the Net, she is exceptional to model yourself after.

6. Dawn Friedman (@thiswomanswork) Why? Dawn, a blogger since 2001, has remained a steady, deliberate blogger with dogged consistency and a dedication to her craft as a writer. In this age of product reviews and giveaways, Dawn has always been concerned about the greater issues that affect our lives as opposed to blogging about the latest dish detergent to hit the market.

7. Erin Kotecki Vest (@queenofspain) Why? Erin is never afraid to speak out on issues she’s passionate about, especially about political issues. Encroaching on 50,000 posts, follow Erin to observe how a power Tweeter uses the medium.

8. Gabrielle Blair (@designmom) Why? Gabrielle is creative, stylish, and in love with beautiful things. Abundantly and gracefully sharing her finds, Gabrielle is always full of positivity and is a true leader in the social networking space as a co-founder of the super-hip, Digg-like site for women, Kirtsy.

9. Heather Armstrong: (@dooce) Why? Because she’s Dooce. The end. I’m kidding. The reason Heather is the queen among us is because she is a master storyteller and a sterling writer. Now, that’s the end.

10. Isabel Kallman (@isabelkallman) Why? The brains behind, Isabel successfully launched a television station for moms on Comcast and Cox and made the term “alpha mom” mainstream. Follow Isabel to see a brilliant Manhattan businesswoman up close.

11. Jenny Lawson (@thebloggess) Why? The entertainment and hilarity never ends with Jenny’s tweets. But behind all her erratic, wild, and rambling posts is someone I’m convinced can do Differential Calculus equations in her head.

12. Jessica Gottlieb (@jessicagottlieb) Why? No one, I repeat no one, can push Jessica around and she brings real value to Twitter by keeping a keen eye on the mom blogging community. Even though her tweets can be peppered with profanity and are sometimes quite controversial, if changes are going down in the mom blogging community you can rest assure Jessica will be on top of it voicing her brash opinion and most likely calling someone a f@#$%^& idiot.

13. Jessica Smith (@jessicaknows) Why? Jessica understands the subtle nuances of social media, the importance of branding, the relevance of helping others, and the sheer value of Twitter and uses it perfectly and effectively. Leveraging her own brand, Jessica was able to catapult her life as a social media mom with a blog to a rock star publicist for a major PR firm.

14. Jill Asher (@svmom) Why? A co-founder of Silicon Valley Moms Group, Jill has helped create a thriving blog network of local blogs where moms write about their personal lives and shared experiences. Constantly on the cutting edge of digital moms, Jill has also helped bring mom blogging to the mainstream through events with celebrity moms like Maria Shriver and Katie Couric.

15. Kelby Carr (@typeamom) Why? Kelby is a powerhouse web site builder with over five successful, niche sites to her credit. A web expert, Kelby is effective in web building, branding and SEO and has raised her social networking profile to become one of the most recognizable women in social media.

16. Kim Moldofsky (@kimmoldofsky) Why? Kim understands social media and works with several companies to help them navigate the wild waters of mom blogging. She writes witty, yet on-point social media commentary on her blog and is always quick to point out that the mom blogosphere is quite large and diverse. Kim consistently challenges major companies to look past their “safe” demographics and also work with bloggers of color and bloggers of diverse religions.

17. Liz Gumbinner (@mom101) Why? Liz is sharp as a tack and nothing can get past her in the fast-paced world of social media and blogging, especially when it comes to the relationship between brands and bloggers. A fine-tuned writer with an acid wit Liz possesses the influence to change the blogging community through her tweets and cause the community to look at brand-blogger relations differently.

18. Lolita Carrico (@lolitacarrico) Why? Lolita is a passionate business woman who knows how to create web sites that moms enjoy and return to time and time again. After selling earlier this year, Lolita is already on course to launch another web site with just as much promise,

19. Lucretia Pruitt (@geekmommy): Why? Lucretia is so knowledgeable about social media and the digital space that she landed a job at Collective Bias as their Director of Social Media. Never known to mince words Lucretia is a staunch proponent of women finding ways to earn money through their blogs honestly and transparently while being respected by the companies that court them.

20. MamaLaw Ladies (@blogalicious09) Why? I hesitate to group all three of these ladies (Justices Ny, Fergie and Jonesie) together, but it seems fitting since they own a popular group blog together. Successfully shifting the mom blogging dialogue to also include moms of color, the ladies of the MamaLaw blog have forged key relationships with major brands that want to reach many mom demographics and have planned a social gathering this fall for moms of color.

21. Maria Bailey (@momtalkradio) Why? A mastermind marketer, Maria Bailey single-handedly helped raise the profile of mothers to corporations around the world. Not content to simply work with moms who blog, Maria diversifies the way in which her company partners with moms and leads the revolution of moms who vlog. As busy as she constantly is and as much as she travels she has forged lasting relationships with the women she works with and uses Twitter as a connecting tool rather than a tool to simply tweet about her latest campaign.

22. Renee J. Ross (@reneejross) Why? Renee is a genuine people-person and it shows through her tweets. With over 19,000 posts Renee has an uncanny ability to truly connect with her followers and it shows when she meets people in real life. At Blogher I witnessed several different people come up to Renee and give her a hug like they’ve known each other for years. How she recognized and remembered so many people she knew through the Net was quite impressive.

23. Sommer Poquette (@greenmom) Why? Sommer is the epitome of a mom who thrives in a niche. Now when people think of a “green mom” Sommer is always forefront in the conversation. Passionate about eco products without harsh chemicals, Sommer has built her following among moms who share her passion and belief in green living.

24. Stephanie Precourt (@babysteph) Why? At first glance you might think Stephanie’s sole cause is babywearing, but that is a rather simplistic view. Stephanie possesses a great knack for storytelling and isn’t afraid to show her vulnerabilities as a mom of four young children. Because of her forthrightness and honesty, moms flock to her writing. A strong mom and a gifted writer Stephanie will inspire you to dig deep and become a more candid blogger.

25. Trisha Haas (@momdotrocks) Why? When someone can turn the mom blogging community on its head and attract major media in the process all within a day or two, they definitely merit being followed! Sometimes deemed a problem in mom blogging circles, there is absolutely no doubt power lies behind Trisha’s words and tweets. After all, she has the scars to prove it. Trisha also has a thriving and robust community that supports her style of communication and mom blogging.

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