What Do You Think About Sponsored Tweets?

Recently I have received several offers to run sponsored ads in my Twitter stream, to which I promptly mumble to myself: Do these people really think I hate my followers?

Although I don’t have a problem with advertising at all or brands navigating their way in the mom blogging community, I tend to draw the line at sponsored tweets. Why? Because I enjoy the organic conversation that Twitter fosters, where I have the unique opportunity to share my own experiences, read other people’s experiences, and have a running dialog with people I know and even those I don’t.

When I am talking to my friends and family in real life I never bust out in pre-written sponsored conversation. It just doesn’t happen and it won’t happen in my Twitter stream either. This, though, is solely my personal Twitter rule and I certainly won’t unfollow people if they opt to run ads in their Twitter stream unless they’re just massively out of control of course!

In my opinion, there are enough brand-driven tweets in the Twittersphere as it is from sponsored Twitter parties to giveaway and product review tweets (mine included) so, to me, random ads just contribute to the corporate noise that already thrives on Twitter. In fact, I wholeheartedly believe that if too many people opt to run sponsored tweets, it has the potential to irreperably ruin the medium.

What do you think about sponsored tweets?

Commenting is good for your soul. It is.

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