Since 2008 I’ve been on my fair share of mom blogger junkets and each time I always look for inventive ways in which company execs are listening to mom bloggers.

Some companies I’ve visited have brought in their social media teams to pick our brains while introducing us to their brands, others have invited us to their own homes to have informal conversations about mom bloggers and brands, still others have extended their relationship with us far past the event and have engaged with us for months.

General Mills took another approach to hearing what we had to say during the Table Talk event I attended on Monday in Minneapolis. They brought in a Graphic Recorder from Denver who drew everything we had to say and essentially created a tool for General Mills execs to better understand mom bloggers.

Graphic Recorders create visual records of meetings and events for those who tend to zone out when someone fires up a Power Point presentation. Graphic records help company execs better visualize new ideas and improve goal setting.

Using the talents of JP, the Graphic Recorder, General Mills essentially drew our conversations, likes, dislikes, suggestions, and recommendations to share with the rest of the Betty Crocker team. Through this, they showed me and the other moms who attended Table Talk that General Mills is extremely interested in our voices and didn’t want to miss a thing in the midst of our event.

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