Twitter Lists — the Good, the Bad, the Ugly!

Let me be blunt: Twitter lists raised the bar — again — for social media influence and is yet another indicator showing how important and influential we are to those in our community.

There, I said it!

For those of you who think Twitter lists are all fun and games: Think again, my friends.

Yes, they’re a mighty efficient way to categorize the legions of people you’re following (that is, if you’re following legions) and are a much simpler way to keep up with people you read regularly anyway.


… twitter lists changed the authority game again! Just when we were getting comfortable with follower numbers and the following to follower ratio and the proper way to use Twitter, the good folks at Twitter HQ threw a wrench in the equation.

And, believe me, it’s a wrench!

Now not only can peers/brands/potential employers/sponsors see your reach (followers), they now know how much weight your words and ideas have with your peers (list number).

Twitter lists are another way to measure your influence just like follower numbers, RSS subscribers, FriendFeed subscribers, and Facebook friends.

So, I guess, if you look at it that way Twitter lists aren’t all that daunting. They’re just another number in a sea of many. Yet, I cannot help thinking they will definitely be a game changer in how our clout and authority are ultimately measured.

That is, until people figure out how important Twitter Lists are and start desperately trying to inflate their numbers à la…

For an extra entry in this giveaway, add me to your Twitter list.

Don’t do that because, people, that will make me cry!

Commenting is good for your soul. It is.

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