The Art of Goal Setting

I don’t know if we give goal setting the credence it deserves.

Every time I have deliberately set a goal for myself I have reached it. I might not have reached my goal in the time period I established, but I certainly attained it.

It’s not a coincidence either that each goal I have reached has commenced with a common thread: writing it down.

How often do you write down your goals and really meditate on them?

Whenever there is something I would like to achieve I always write it down either with pen and ink in my journal or tap it out in my online organizer.

I don’t know what is so magical about giving goals wings to fly, but they certainly soar after we’ve internalized them and have written them down. Maybe it’s our unconscious selves putting actions to our goals even if consciously we still may have doubts about making them happen.

While goal setting and writing them down may seem like a futile exercise in esoteric ambitions, it has worked for me for many years. I could definitely get better at writing down my lofty goals, though, instead of always focusing on those I ultimately know I can attain.

My challenge, then, is to set my goals higher.

What about you. How do you set and reach your goals?

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