Is Your Blog O Magazine or Consumer Reports?

This morning while I was brewing a pot of coffee I was aimlessly thinking about product reviews and how I should approach them. So many mom bloggers come under heat because they only write positive reviews. I say, “What’s wrong with that?” And other mom bloggers always give two perspectives in their reviews, positive and negative, to which I also say, “What’s wrong with that?”

I believe there are two approaches to blogging about products: The O magazine approach and the Consumer Reports approach.

We all know when O magazine touts a product, their editors absolutely love it otherwise it won’t find its way onto their glossy pages. There is never any vacillating about what is good about the product and what’s bad. It’s always: This product is amazing because xyz.

On the other hand if you look at a product review in Consumer Reports you are going to see a grade of the product, the good and the bad about that product, and it’s going to be ranked against other products in its category.

Some mom bloggers don’t want to dish about what they don’t like about a product and they have that right. If a product makes it on their blog, then it’s good enough in their estimation to be there. And other mom bloggers feel it’s their duty to tell their readers two sides of the story because rarely will you run into the perfect product.

I think both approaches are acceptable. It’s all about the tone of your blog and what you want to share with readers. As long as you are transparent about receiving products for review, everything else is solely your call.

What do you think?

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