How To Be a Confident Mom Blogger

Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings. – Samuel Johnson

Being a mom blogger is tough. We’re all so intimately connected through our blogging and social networks that we know the companies other moms are working with and for, the events they’re invited to, speaking gigs they receive, and products that get thrown their way. In the midst of all these opportunities it is extremely easy to allow self-doubt to creep in and your confidence to slink away when you haven’t yet attained these goals. I’m here to tell you that it is extremely paramount to keep your confidence brewing, even in the face of what may seem to be countless opportunities and connections passing you by.

I love watching moms who are not only amazing bloggers, but serious business women. Here are a few traits I see over and over again in confident mom bloggers I am lucky enough to call my friends.

These mom bloggers are:

Hard workers

Willing to give and share

Serious about their blogs

Always reliable

Great writers


Willing to say “no” and refuse opportunities that don’t fit

Not afraid to ask questions and only work with companies who pitch opportunities that are in their best interest

Thinkers outside of the box

Always thinking about “What’s Next?”

Open to suggestions and honest feedback

Gifted leaders and

Fast learners

If you want to eventually get where other mom bloggers are, sometimes it is simply useful to sit back and watch how they roll. You’d be surprised how much you’ll learn.

Commenting is good for your soul. It is.

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