The Gift Of "No Hoops" Holiday Giveaways

As I click around the mom blogosphere each day I always see the most amazing giveaways I would love to enter. But I never do. Why? Because I have to jump through hoops just to win something with a $24.99 value and so I mozy on along.

We’re all busy moms and so are most of our readers. The holidays are a hectic time and it would be really fun for our loyal readers to win a gift or two for the holidays without the obligation of having to join, follow, friend, or retweet. I propose making it easier on our readers to win prizes this holiday by not requiring them to jump through any hoops to win during a No Hoops Holiday.

I’ve always been a “leave a comment to win it” type of blogger unless I’m a part of a larger promotion or campaign that requires it. I totally understand coordinated campaigns where giveaways are tied in with promotions and you want to give companies more bang for their buck with retweets.

This holiday season I will be giving away a few gifts on my review blog and I plan to only require a simple comment to enter.

What do you think about a “No Hoops” Holiday?

A No Hoops Holiday CARTOON

by Jennifer JamesA No Hoops Holiday

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