My Tech Updates — Beta Testing and Review Units

It’s been a very cool week as far as technology is concerned. After all I am a digital mom, so whenever I get an opportunity to test out new technology I am all over it!


Very soon I will be testing and reviewing the brand-new TwitterPeek. Can I just say I cannot wait to get my hands on it! I love my iPod Touch, but I also need Wi-Fi access to connect to the Net. While Wi-Fi is more readily available than it used to be, it’s not everywhere. The TwitterPeek is going to allow me to get on Twitter wherever I am and I won’t need a Wi-Fi connection. I am so thrilled about this! I can’t wait to share what I think about it.


After hearing so much about the Eye-Fi memory cards, especially during Blogher, I’ll finally be reviewing it in the coming weeks. Can’t wait to see how it works. I’ve heard so many great things!


I was lucky enough to get an invitation to test out Brizzly. It’s a great platform to post to Twitter and to Facebook. I am enjoying it thus far. It’s making my social networking life easier as I have several Twitter accounts that I use and/or maintain!


I already have too many sites as it is, but MoonFruit seriously makes me want to start another one. Yes, I need help. Go check it out!

Beta Testing

by Jennifer JamesBeta Testing

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