2009 Has Been Good to Me!

Here’s what I’m grateful for this year.

My family has been healthy and happy all year.

I live in a great area. I love where I live.

I lost a lot of weight. I look at myself in the mirror now and don’t wince and slink away.

I have seen so many of my best blogging friends in person this year.

I’ve grown online relationships and have worked professionally with a lot of women I admire.

I have traveled more for business than ever before! I traveled to Santa Barbara, San Francisco, LA, NY, Chicago (3 times), Atlanta (3 times), Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Asheville and I could have gone to Montreal if I had a passport. Reminds me, I need to get on that!

I’m so glad I attended the #nestlefamily event. No matter what people feel about Nestle, I personally learned a lot about the work I do. I got an amazing social media and crisis control lesson in a matter of a few days. Priceless.

I became a social media consultant. Even though there are now thousands of self-professed social media experts on Twitter, there are actually those of us who have valuable insights into how to really use Twitter, Facebook, and blogging and make it work!

The Mom Bloggers Club really started taking off this year. It’s been around for two years, but this was the first year people started joining in droves and began participating heavily in the network. I’m really proud of what I created.

This sounds cliché, but I am grateful for every person who has taken the time to send me emails, DM me, @ me, comment on my wall, friend me, follow me and subscribe to my ramblings.

2010 is going to fun. I am excited to see what the new year brings!

Happy New Year!

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