2010: The Year I’ll Be In the Laboratory

I’ve been creating niche web sites since 2003. The great thing is I have liked everything I have created and each site I have created has been relatively successful.

In year’s past I have been able to predict trends and act on them fairly quickly. In early 2007 when I realized that mom bloggers were going to be a very powerful online community of women I created the Mom Bloggers Club where we could gather and support one another. Today the Mom Bloggers Club is one of the largest social networks specifically targeted to moms like me: bloggers.

Also in 2007 I joined a few thousand other digital trendsetters and opened my first Twitter account. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t understand it until 2008. The point is, I knew Twitter was going somewhere and I’m glad to be a part of the early pioneers.

This year I know where the community is headed and I want to be a smart voice in the raging sea of product reviews and endorsements, so I am working on a new web site that will be a collaborative effort of mom bloggers who are real thinkers. That is, it will be a platform for digital moms who have a lot to say and aren’t afraid to voice their opinion effectively and honestly. It will also be a site where mom bloggers can turn for timely information. Stay tuned. It will officially launch in a few weeks.

Because the noise in social and digital media is so potent, it is becoming harder and harder to detect real trends and make predictions about the mom blogging community. That means this year I will be in the laboratory a lot! I will be testing out a lot of new ways to communicate and disseminate information. I will be testing out ways to partner with companies where the outcome is mutually beneficial and I will be testing out new ways to earn money on my sites in ways that are beyond the CPM model, that are smart and effective.

With all that said, it’s going to be fun! Into the lab I go.

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