The New Social Media Trend — Oversharing

At the beginning of the year I let you know that 2010 would be a year of experimentation for me. I will be testing out a ton of new platforms, reading more, focusing more on spotting trends, writing more about the industry and explaining where I think the mom blogging community is headed. There is a lot to observe, to be sure. This digital world is ever-changing and it is a thrill to be a part of it.

So, if you want to know the first trend in social media it’s this: oversharing.

How many of you are on Blippy? How about FourSquare? MyTown? Plancast? All of these are great sites to share your purchases, where you are in your city, and the events you will be attending. Even though I am active on all of these sites, I have to ask myself, “Who the heck cares if I spend $3.11 at iTunes? Seriously? And who cares if I checked into my favorite sushi restaurant on Saturday night and have been declared the mayor of said restaurant?”

I guess what I am trying to determine is this: What is the ultimate goal in being able to see what our friends and peers purchase or where we sat down for dinner?

The answer…it’s either one of two things:

1) This oversharing trend is more phenomenal than even I can see or comprehend.


2) All of these are just games for social geeks. They give us something to do. And we all know we have to use the most popular platforms and apps just in case they get as popular as Twitter is one day.

Don’t get me wrong. I love social media. I love sharing, but I do believe there is a point where oversharing becomes counterproductive because ultimately we have to ask ourselves: who cares? Is it relevant info or is it noise?

Clearly, I know I sound like the naysayers before Twitter became akin to the second coming, but I think these basic questions beg examining.

Do you think we should at least keep some things private? Or, is it becoming cool just to lay everything out there?

And, by the way, as I am spinning all these ideas in my head I am active on the aforementioned sites. I haven’t shunned them, I’m just thinking.

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