My #Blissdom Agenda

learned a lot from attending my first blogging conference last year at Blogher. The most important lesson I learned was to take it easy and not overcommit. I have kept my word at every conference I have attended since then. Blissdom will be no different.

I plan to do a lot of talking to moms and seeing some of my best blogging buddies again. I like making IRL (in real life) connections with the people I interact with online. Blissdom will be a great place to connect.

I also really look forward to sitting down with brilliant minds like Cooper Munroe, Kim Moldofsky, Alli Worthington, Jessica Smith, and Christie Matte, and discussing the trends that are transpiring in the mom blogging community and elsewhere. All in all, it’s going to be a great weekend! 

I’ll Be Speaking!
Friday, 4:30 – 5:30
Community Chest: Learning from Community Powerhouse Sites

If you are headed to Blissdom and want to learn how to create a vibrant, thriving community, make sure to attend the Community Chest: Learning from Community Powerhouse Sites panel. I will be speaking alongside amazing women who have grown and nurtured power communities including Rachael Herscher (Today’s Mama), Janice Croze – (5 Minutes For Mom), Debba Haupert – (Girlfriendology), Holly Hamann (Blog Frog), me – (Mom Bloggers Club), and Erin Kane (not pictured) (Manic Mommies).

I hope to see you there!

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