Mom Blogger Success Means Concentrating on the Little Things

It’s now a few days since Blissdom ended and judging from some of the conversations I had with moms, it was a delightful, yet overwhelming experience. That’s certainly to be expected. Over the course of four full days a plethora of information, tips, and advice were shared and soaked up, but sometimes the little things that make mom bloggers successful fall by the wayside.

I have been in the mom blogging space for six years now and have been creating niche sites for moms for seven. Over the years I have learned quite a lot, mainly through trial and error, about how to reach one’s goal and how to attain a relative level of success, even though clearly success means different things to different people.

In my life as a blogger and founder of the Mom Bloggers Club I try to consistently remind myself of the little things first instead of always delving headlong into the major concepts about blogging and web building. It’s the “little things” that help build a solid foundation for success. Here’s what I live by:

1) Work hard: I don’t know if many people really understand how much work it takes to reach one’s goals. In the blogging world, it requires a lot more than simply blogging each day. While consistency counts, success also entails reading industry articles and news, creating, observing, applying what you’ve learned, assessing new ideas, coming up with new ways to connect with your readers, networking, attending conferences, and most importantly, honing your craft and not letting your content become stale. Nothing comes easy in this life. This applies to blogging as well.

2) Focus: There are two things I do best: create communities and share what I know with fellow bloggers. That is what I focus on day to day. What if one day I decided to become a food blogger? I would fail miserably because that’s not what I do. I can’t cook and I definitely can’t take gorgeous photos of food. I would be out of my element. Focus on what you do and do it well!

3) Be creative: If you want to stand out in a growing sea of mom bloggers you have to bring your own flavor to the game. Don’t mimic others. Be yourself, but don’t be afraid to do things differently. “Well, how do I do that?” you might ask. I don’t know. That’s up to you to decide. Be different. Be unique. Be creative.

4) Don’t worry about others: So often I hear bloggers complain about how so-called top mom bloggers get this opportunity or that opportunity, get invited to “xyz” city, get chosen to be ambassadors for brands, get chosen to write for “xyz” media site and so on. Don’t worry about what other mom bloggers are doing particularly if it drives you into the dumps and jealousy takes over. Concentrate on your work and focus on your goals. Other moms concentrated on their work and look where it got them. You’ll be sitting around complaining while others keep moving forward.

5) Cheer others on: Always remember there are a ton of opportunities around every corner and with hard work, consistency, positive intention, and a love for your work, opportunities will come your way also. Be a supportive member of the community and support other mom bloggers when success taps on their shoulder. It only stands to make the opportunities greater in the future and our community stronger.

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