What Was Your Passion When You Were Nine? Rekindle It.

My youngest daughter who just turned nine last month has been an artist all of her young life. Every single day since she could hold a crayon she has drawn a picture. She draws wherever and whenever she gets a chance, even digitally now on her iPod Touch with the iDoodle2 app. (I have no affiliation with iDoodle whatsoever. My daughter just adores the app). Clearly, my daughter’s passion is creating art. She loves it! She thrives on it. Creating is who she is.

Which brings me to my point: In order to be successful, you must do what you love! Take a moment to remember what you loved doing when you were nine and rekindle that flame. When I was nine, all I wanted to do was create and be a writer. I still do that. Every morning I can’t wait to wake up. I am thrilled to be able to write and create each day.

What were you passionate about when you were a kid? Are you still passionate about it? Have you implemented your passion into your life and into your blog?

If you are stuck in a creative rut and want to change the focus of your blog or start a new business, remember always go back to that one thing you’re most passionate about; the one thing you must do every day to feel alive, fulfilled, happy, and eager to face new challenges and opportunities. It’s infinitely better than focusing on the things you only feel so-so about.

Commenting is good for your soul. It is.

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