Social Media + Brand Ambassadors = Success

Last year when I came home from Blogher I sat down and tried to figure out where the trends in the mom blogging community were headed. I knew those huge junkets would fizzle out quickly and they have for the most part. Product reviews and giveaways are great to a point, but they have to be coupled with a comprehensive campaign (shout-out to Mom Bloggers Club advertiser, Tommee Tippee US, for doing a fabulous job on a comprehensive campaign to moms). I said six months ago that mom blogger spokespeople (what I called them then) would be the new wave of the future and I’m happy to say I was right on the money with this one.

In today’s NY Times article, Any Way It’s Sliced, Appeal of Social Media Grows, the new web site was featured along with Audrey McClelland of Mom Generations, Rachel Matthews of A Southern Fairytale and me. We’re all brand ambassadors for Land O’Frost.

It’s unmistakable that the success of LandOMoms is because of social media. I love when social media works! Land O’Frost forged a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, and engaged real moms to help connect with their communities. Here’s a definite measure of success of their efforts from the NY Times article:

Land O’Frost is offering the first visitors to, which went live last Monday, an opportunity to download a $2 coupon for Land O’Frost products. Plans called for giving away up to 25,000 coupons — but they were all gone by Wednesday. The amount was then doubled, to 50,000, but the additional coupons were soon gone, too. So as of this week, the amount was raised again, to 75,000.

This is further evidence that brands should engage more moms in the brand ambassador capacity. And, another thing, microsites are your friend! Embrace them.

And for you, bloggers, Ciara Blumenfeld penned a great post, Advocates, Enthusiasts and Advertising: Bloggers on the Brandwagon, that is a must-read.

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