Where I Believe Mom Blogging Is Headed

The future is bright for many mom bloggers. Those among us who can maintain exceptional writing habits, post consistency, and have mastered the fine art of networking will see many new opportunities in the near future. In the next few years I foresee mom and even some dad bloggers see their popularity soar even higher than it is currently.

Mom Smarts

The first thing that will begin changing is, as a group, we will become a lot more savvy about the business end of blogger and brand relationships. Mom bloggers will collectively understand their worth and see the big picture about how valuable our community is to brands because just like an exec at a Fortune 100 company told a group of us recently: Brands cannot connect with moms the way bloggers can. In other words, they need us!

Blog Sponsorships

I believe brands will begin sponsoring individual mom blogs cutting out the need for ad networks. For moms, the financial rewards will be lucrative enough to cease running ads from ad networks and the need to sell their own ads will be nonexistent. For example, a brand could sponsor a blog for six months or an entire year and essentially take over the ad presence on that blog for the duration of their contract. That will free up sidebar space for bloggers to use creatively and brands can align themselves with influencers on the bloggers’ turf. I also believe this won’t be on a small scale. I can conceivably see 20-30 blogs solely sponsored by one brand where the synergy between the brand and the bloggers makes the partnerships a great fit.

I used my review blog as an example below of how this could potentially look. It’s official: Brands need to align themselves with bloggers and this can come in the form of official sponsorships of blogs because, you guessed it, traditional banner ads DON’T WORK! Bloggers can run custom content, giveaways, and even non-traditional ads from the sponsoring brands.

Rise of the Third Party

As brand/blogger relationships grow I also see more mom bloggers needing agents to act on their behalf to negotiate contracts for spokesperson and brand ambassador opportunities.

Community Fix

I believe many more bloggers will begin creating their own communities. Dooce and the Pioneer Woman have already paved the way with this trend and other mom bloggers will follow suit. Using white label forums and social networking platforms and plug-ins mom bloggers will create their own communities that will elevate them from individual bloggers to niche Web neighborhoods. This will bolster the aforementioned sponsorship idea, but the communities will need to be owned by the moms in order for sponsor logos and branding to be placed on them. In other words, Facebook fan pages won’t work.

Campaign Consultants

As brands seek to effectively reach savvy digital moms online, they will need to work with mom bloggers while they create campaigns to ensure they don’t blow up in smoke once they hit the Net or the airwaves. Instead of calling moms in to give advice once a campaign has been trashed by influencers, moms will be called in to consult on campaigns in the ideas and planning phases instead of after the tweets hit the fan, so to speak.

I also believe the fashion and cosmetics industries will begin to reach out to mom bloggers far more than they are now.

Only time will tell whether any of these predictions will come to pass. I do strongly believe at least two will definitely transpire in the next few years. Once the economy rebounds and budgets stabilize — watch out! More than anything, I hope more moms will become hip to how very influential they are.


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