How to be Taken Seriously as a Mom Blogger

I love talking to PR professionals! I instantly get another perspective about this whole mom blogger/marketing/PR/brands relationship that I otherwise would not be privy to. As a blogger and community owner I see things one way, but I get to understand and appreciate the other side of the equation when I have conversations with many great PR professionals. Talking and understanding one another is the first step to better dialog and relationship building in my book!

For the most part, many brands and PR professionals love working with mom bloggers, but, of course, there are typical horror stories about bloggers who do things that aren’t, shall we say, very professional.

I heard recently from one PR professional that she doesn’t like when bloggers pass her email around in hopes of trying to get on the inside of a campaign or to get products to review. And I agree, that’s not very considerate to the PR professional at all, especially when she already has people in mind to pitch or has pitched already. I would definitely not give out contact information of PR people unless you ask permission first. That’s just common courtesy.

I recently have had the priviledge of working with high-end brands on the front line of their blogger initiatives and I couldn’t believe the amount of requests for free products these brands receive. There’s certainly nothing wrong with pitching companies for products to review, but if you’re looking to review an $1100 item, you must have numbers to justify your request. Brands are really getting up to speed on product reviewing and just saying you’re a “mommy blogger” doesn’t cut it anymore.

Which brings me to another point.

Last week I wrote a post about how much mom bloggers should earn and one of the great comments was from Christy Matte of Quirky Fusion. She made a significant point that many mom bloggers need to build up an arsenal of skills first before beginning to demand money from brands and I agree with her.

No company, large or small, is going to pay you if you don’t present yourself well professionally, if your blog doesn’t reflect the skills you tout, and if you don’t have a track record of results.

This is the same with everything we do in life. In order to consult, freelance, or work personally with brands in a spokesperson capacity you have to prove your worth first. And, that’s certainly fair.

There are a lot of ideas in this post, but the big takeaway is to simply strive for excellence, don’t move too fast, build your skills, keep learning, always, always be considerate of people’s privacy and time, and conduct yourself professionally online.

Commenting is good for your soul. It is.

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