Mom Bloggers: Heads High, Keep Blogging!

I have Google alerts on search terms related to mom blogging. You can imagine my emails this week. The articles have been crazy: World of Sex, Lies, and Mommy Blogs from the Detroit Free Press and today’s piece on the Today Show, The Dark Side of Mom Blogs and their subsequent forum, Ever been slammed by other moms on a blog

What is this? A conspiracy?

Collectively, ladies, we’re a powerhouse! We helped speed the demise of soap operas and caused advertisers to abandon parenting magazines that didn’t create a viable web presence, unlike some mags that actually get it. Newspapers and television believe they’re next! And they’re not happy about it.

Clearly, there is space in the sandbox for everyone. I don’t read mom blogs 24 hours a day. None of us do. But for some reason, traditional media outlets want to paint us as unruly, bickering, mean-spirited, neglectful mothers. This certainly isn’t the case, mind you. I see more community unity than anything else. Sure, there is always the wayward Twitter and blog kerfluffle, but those get squashed fairly quickly. 

I am sitting here at my desk trying to figure out what this week means in the grand scheme of mom blogging. Why are we now becoming such attractive targets? Is it because media companies are using salacious headlines as link bait to attract readers of their own? Is it because media-types secretly love to hate us? Is it because they, the media, realize there is a growing sea of us who move and sway to the same beat? Or, is it because they’re simply fulfilling what people want to hear and watch?

Maybe none of these. Maybe all. Maybe a combination.

I’m prone to believing it’s all a numbers game. The media know if they effectively rile us up, their traffic will spike. And since it is just a numbers game we shouldn’t take this negative coverage too seriously. At some point, web stars (in this case, our community) are bound to come under heavy scrutiny. Just ask Dooce. Gone are the days of the “Oooh, look, mommies are typing” articles. 

Whatever the case of the growing negative spin, mom blogging and our community aren’t going anywhere. We’re here to stay. Our ranks are swelling with millions of moms who want to write, comment, and connect with other moms like them.  

That’s a heck of a lot of moms and they know it. 

Keep your heads high and continue blogging!

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