Why the Blog/Site Sponsorship Model Works

When I first thought about the revenue model for Mom Blog magazine I knew I didn’t want to run random banner ads from an ad network, affiliates, or sell them myself. After seven years of creating web sites, I have learned traditional banner ads simply don’t work. Yes, in the rare instance they will catch a consumer’s eye, but for the most part, CTRs (click-through rates) are dismally low and in some instances CPMs are absurdly high. 

With Mom Blog magazine, there is one sole sponsor each month. Brands don’t have to worry about competing noise from other brands and readers aren’t inundated with several brand messages. I like that model. Thus far I have seen a 56% increase in clicks on Mom Blog magazine when compared to my other sites. Even my current sponsor on Mom Bloggers Club, Jambu Footwear, is experiencing higher click-throughs because they are positioned on the site as a sponsor* as opposed to being a random advertiser. 

On both sites, I still use skyscraper banner ads, but they are presented differently. This is an instance where less is definitely more!

As I’ve written before, I believe the site sponsorship model is an effective way for brands to reach consumers, especially on blogs. Instead of having to make ad buys based on impressions, it will be more cost effective to sponsor whole blogs and most effectively, a team of blogs in the same niche. Hear more about my sponsorship theory on my interview on ShePosts

* There are several ad options on Mom Bloggers Club. Site sponsorship and CPM-based banner advertising are both offered.

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