Discovering Your Blogging Comfort Zone

Becoming truly and utterly comfortable in one’s skin is far harder to achieve than one might think. As women we are perpetually searching for things we believe could and should be improved upon: our hair, our weight, our thighs, our face, our car, our clothes, our bank account…our blogs!

Looking for the bad in everything is miserable, isn’t it?

If there is one serene place in our lives that should be our refuge and comfort zone, aside from our homes, it is our blogs, but oftentimes it becomes a source of severe angst.


Differing advice rages from the trenches about what you should and shouldn’t do as a mom blogger. Traditional media articles and news segments about moms who blog cause some to question why they started to blog in the first place. For some, it becomes harder and harder to hear about the trips and events and swag and products while receiving little or nothing. Some bloggers have figured out a way to earn money while others don’t make quite enough to buy a cup of coffee. Some moms just want to write and question why that isn’t enough?

To sidestep all the pitfalls of blog pity it is crucial to take time to discover your blogging comfort zone. What may be your comfort zone is probably an utterly miserable place for another mom. Our comfort zones are highly personal and absolutely unique to us. That’s what makes them special. And there is no wrong comfort zone. That is important to remember!

Want to know how to find your comfort zone?

Go back to the basics and ask yourself why you began blogging. Peruse your archives and read your very first post. Relive the emotions you had when you first pushed “publish”. I remember my very first post from January 2004 and all I wanted to do was share and connect with other moms. It’s still the same today.

Your intention on day one should still be your intention today. Sure, it may have been tweaked slightly and your goals might have heightened, but overall your intention should be the same. I bet the first day you began blogging you were thrilled to finally become a blogger and you weren’t fixated about everything wrong with your newest creation or overly concerned about what other mom bloggers were achieving and receiving and places they were going and celebs they were meeting.

Remember why you started blogging. That’s your comfort zone and it’s in our comfort zones where we thrive. It’s as simple as that. Everything else doesn’t matter.

Commenting is good for your soul. It is.

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