The Age of Flattery is Over

Yesterday I saw a few tweets about a new ambassador program from a big brand that wants to use mom bloggers to blog, post, and tweet for them in exchange for products. I didn’t think much about it until I saw people recruiting moms on the Mom Bloggers Club for the program at which time I got really annoyed, deleted the thread, and suspended those members from the club.

I want to raise my voice and echo the warnings of the other moms who tweeted and retweeted that working for products does not cut it! 

I know some bloggers feel flattered when a big brand comes a-calling, but when you do work beyond a review for editorial purposes, you should be paid for your work. The end! 

That means if you blog or vlog for a brand, tweet for them, consult for them, and/or serve as a spokesperson for them you need to send them an invoice, or sign a contract, and they need to cut you a check. 

It’s that simple, y’all! It really is. It’s called business.

Further reading about getting paid for your work:

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