The Easiest Way to Have a Successful Mom Blog

We all know there are umpteen tricks to creating a successful blog. We can post consistently, comment on other blogs, attend conferences and network, pen compelling content, write well, be creative, trick it out with SEO, become an expert, cross-post on Twitter and Facebook and the list goes on and on.

But, none of this even matters if you don’t have a goal in place first!

Creating goals seems so rudimentary, but it is surprising how many people set out to do something great without a road map to help them get there. And so they press on and on, stop and start over, get frustrated, or throw in the towel altogether.

For your mom blog, the ultimate key to success is figuring out what your goal is. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are you blogging to stay in touch with family and friends?
  • Are you blogging to improve your writing?
  • Are you blogging to create a personal brand?
  • Are you blogging to review products?
  • Are you blogging to land a job?
  • Are you blogging just because?
  • Be honest with yourself and figure out why you began blogging in the first place and then make sure your goals are in alignment with why you started. You’ll find it’s easier to get where you’re going when you at least know the way.


    1. I first started blogging “just because”, but it morphed into a brand rather quickly. My goals have obviously changed. If you already had goals set awhile back, I’m an example of why need to re-evaluate your goals periodically.

      And also very important: behind every single goal, there has to be ACTION. Don’t just say, “yes, I have goals” and then neglect to move forward with a plan.


    2. I want to start a Mom Blog via my already existing blog, but I’m not sure how to really go about it just yet. I’m pregnant with my first child and want to document everything so that I can have it all as a keepsake for my baby.


    3. Great piece of advice.

      I have an online store which is the reason I have looked into writing a blog. When I thought about my goals they surprised me. I, of course, would like to help my SEO and promote my store (brand) but I also would love to practice writing. I have not had occassion in many years to write from my heart, or my opinion, or just to share my experiences. I am very excited and a little nervous to get started. Thanks for the advice and wish me luck.


    4. This is an excellent suggestion. I try to always keep my goals in sight and when I lose track of my goal – i have noticed THAT is when my blogging and everything starts to suffer. Blogging becomes an obligation and a pain in the neck and it should never be that way. When that happens I suck it up and go back to square one and why i blog in the first place and all the kinks fall out of it :) Thanks for the terrific post :) I know i’m late to the party but that’s okay, right? :)


    5. My blog is called Miscellaneous for a reason – it fits me. Sometimes I blog for me, sometimes for others, sometimes for my brand. I know it’s not the successful way, but it’s me and for now I’m ok with it.


    6. Jennifer you hit the nail on the head! Too many people start a blog just because… And then suddenly they read about making money from a blog and start to add ads all over their blog. Next time they read about the importance of traffic to making money from a blog, then you see them all over the place spamming in the name of blog promotion. Lack of goal, lack of focus and lack of focus equals time wasted.

      Whatever is worth doing is worth well. There’s nothing wrong with personal blogging or blogging just because… but if you do want to blog for money, learn the ropes of the business, then ask yourself if it’s something you can do. Anyone can blog but not everyone can. It takes a lot really.

      Yes a blog is easy to set up, but you achieve nothing setting up a blog without having it achieve something for you. So forget that a blog is easy to set up, look beyond that if you want to make money from it. Like a business, plan it. No what you want to offer and how to offer it best. The Internet is getting crowd, now only those who actually know what they are doing have a shot at online business success.

      Blogging I believe will make a great business for anyone, especially stay at home moms and dads. If you have so much time in your hands while not look into blogging? Even though all you have is few hours, with good focus, determination and proper prioritization you can make decent income blogging.

      As a resource for beginners who want to blog and make money from home, visit it’s a step by step action guide page I created for those who want to take blogging seriously.

      All the best in whatever endeavor you choose.


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