Do You Let People Pull You Up or Drag You Under?

Life is too short to get embroiled in nugatory drama. As much as possible I steep myself in positivity and associate myself with people who uplift me rather then pull me under. Life is so much easier this way.

Last weekend, I had the great pleasure of attending a retreat sponsored by as one of their ambassadors. It was an amazingly uplifting weekend where smart women got together to brainstorm, eat great food, network, and soak up the lovely Berkshire mountains. It was an experience I won’t soon forget.

I was enthralled by the sheer brilliance of Sheila Marcelo,’s Founder and CEO. With a dual degree from Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School, Sheila is one of the smartest women in the online business. And her team of co-founders, including Donna Levin, VP of Operations, were noticeably passionate about their work and the lives they are improving by providing quality care options for families from child care to elderly care to pet care. I love seeing teams of colleagues who not only love what they do, but respect one another in the process. is a visionary company for working with digital moms who are revolutionizing the online space. I don’t say this because I officially work with I say this because it’s true!

I was honored to also join designer and writer supreme, Christine Koh, of Boston Mamas, brilliant site founder and all-around brilliant digital maven, Amy Keroes, of Mommy Tracked, powerhouse magazine editor, Ellen Siedman of Love That Max, ultimate influencer, brainiac, and blogger extraordinaire, Lindsay Maines, of Rock and Roll Mama, distinuguished digital strategist, Morra Aarons Mele of Women Online, and the incomparable Cooper Munroe, of The Motherhood.

Can you feel the brain power? If you can feel it, imagine how it felt to be amongst these powerhouses! We knew being together was rare and special. We stayed up into the wee hours of the mornings just talking and sharing. It was wonderful.

I feel honored to work in the coming year with this strong team of women and pushing forth innovative ideas and vibing off women whose creativity and genius rank in the stratosphere.

When was the last time you were among people who you admire, respect, and who uplift you?


  1. I guess that is the great thing about where I work. It is amazing to be surrounded by other counselors who have the same mind set. It is amazing to be able to collaborate with them daily (or the days I work I should say).

    I think it is outstanding that you were able to achieve this through a group you “work” with online as well. What a great group of strong women.

    This also brings up a great point that I believe it is extremely important, no matter where you are, to find at least one strong person who is always encouraging and someone you can trust. I encourage other bloggers to find at least one other blogger who fits this description for them.


  2. This is such a valuable lesson to learn! I learned several years ago that it’s OKAY to let go of friendships and peer groups that are demotivating and detrimental. It’s so much better to surround yourself with positive, passionate, and hopeful people who are saying “Yes! You can!” when you share your dreams.


  3. Jennifer.:)

    I am still all blissed out walking on a cloud from the comfort and energy shot in the arm I received from spending time with so many women, so gifted and accomplished in so many disciplines. But with one common attribute: a generosity of spirit and a willingness to build and uplift. There’s always energy, and it can go either way. the energy we all shared in the Berkshire was 130% high octane mix of refreshing joy.t saying no one expressed issues, but the ferocity we defended our girls from their own worst critics- themselves! And I thank you for the positive, leading energy I’ve always sensed around you. Confirmed it in person now.:)


  4. Jennifer,

    That was a life experience. You and the other life force women in that room have inspired and fortified me. Lindsay is so right, a common attribute was generosity of spirit and also make-it-happen, positive, uplifting, kind and dedicated brains, hearts and souls. I am forever transformed by it and cannot wait until the next time we meet.


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