What is the Ultimate Goal for Your Blog?

One of the things I learned from the brilliant Lindsay Maines of Rock and Roll Mama is there is power in thinking through what you are doing well, what you’re doing poorly, what your goals are, and how you will get there.

I have always been the type of person to simply “do”. I rarely think critically about my goals in ways that force me to sit down and think them through. Invariably, I start projects and work at them mercilessly until my goals are ultimately met. I now see merit in thinking critically about my goals and being more deliberate in making sure my goals are met.

One of the goals I have had for the last few years is to write a book. This goal hasn’t been met yet because I haven’t drawn a path to help me get it done.

For the remainder of the year, that’s what I’ll be working on with positive intention and certainty. I’m either going to have that puppy written or I will be well into writing the book by year’s end. That’s my promise to myself.

What is the ultimate goal for your blog?


  1. I def think you should write a book and support the plan to make it your goal going forward! I have an idea for a book myself but that’s a bit away project wise : )

    The ultimate goal for my blog has always been spreading awareness. It’s the main reason I’m online…otherwise then being social : ). Sometimes I get side tracked with other blog ideas or requirements but I still try to include something that connects back to my original main goal. I’m hoping to refocus my blog towards the resolution I made at the start of the year….to spread awareness on a deeper and wider level!


  2. The ultimate goal of my blog is to reach out to other women who are either struggling with living in their own life and want to know how to make it better, or people who have figured it out and want to share it.
    I feel like I’ve learned so much through divorce, un-employment, having it all, losing most of it and weathering the ups and downs. I want to let people know just how important all of the crap we go through is in helping us appreciate the great parts.
    I also want to speak to kids about the power that they have to fix the mess we’re going to leave them. They are the generation that have been charged with saving our planet and I think they’re up to the task. I want to empower them to take control of that at a local level so they may go on to lead others nationally and internationally.
    So, the ultimate goal of my blog? Save everyone and have a bloody great time while doing it!


  3. Not too long ago, I was listening to my husband teach sales guys how to qualify leads. It saves time, money and forces them to focus on great goals vs. getting by goals. I sat there and thought…”why can’t I do that with my blogging business?” PR’s throw things out there just to see what sticks…I’m losing great mojo because of my stress over writing good content and bringing my stats up, etc… I sat down, wrote my goals and my rules out and haven’t looked back. I immediately felt relaxed and focused.


  4. The ultimate goal for my site is for women to share their stories and help each other. The more I get into blogging I am finding that its easy to get side tracked. Every few months I have to regroup and remember why I started blogging.


  5. The ultimate goal for my blog is to be a good writer and to bring something to other people – be it joy, a revelation, a laugh – something that will bring meaning to someone else and help them out. I’ve really been concentrating on my writing recently and have submitted a couple pieces to some different places – like to the Aspiring Writers Mom Bloggers Club book! :)


  6. That too is one of my goals… I’ve decided after my wedding… after reception I will sit down and create a “Plan of Action” for book. I missed writing during my first marriage… I somehow got lost. And now, after divorce, finally picking it back up and just don’t want to stop. (I feel like I just posted this same info on my blog today… in a reply to someone else. lol)

    But as for my blogs “purpose”… I divorce is hard… starting a new blended family is hard… I wanted to share my experiences while also practicing and sharpening my writing.

    Can’t wait to read that book of yours!! :)



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