Life Lesson: The Art of Staying Humble

At the Lexus Family Safety Camp I attended last week professional drivers demonstrated various safety features of Lexus vehicles from the Anti-Lock Brake System to vehicle stability to their Brake Override System. One of the drivers was Roberto Guerrero.

I didn’t know who Roberto Guerrero was until one of the other drivers let us know that he is actually quite famous. He came in 2nd at the Indy 500 twice, in 1984 and 1987, and was the 1992 Indianapolis 500 pole winner. The striking thing is Mr. Guerrero never let on that he is famous or that he is anyone of special significance in the racing world. He didn’t even give off the air of someone we should revere. He was as humble as they come. In fact, had the other driver not said something, we would have never known.

In that short time learning about vehicle stability, I was reminded how important it is to stay humble. It’s an attribute I practice daily. It was wonderful to see someone who is famous not act the part.


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