Quick Audio Tips Series Revived: Answering Your Questions

A few months ago I started a series of audio posts where I answered your questions about your blog or blogging in general. I found that a lot of you really liked the series of audio tips, but because the web site I used wasn’t that great I ceased recording my tips.

Fast forward four months: I finally started using Cinch to record quick podcasts and I couldn’t be happier with it. I can record right from my iPhone and easily share my podcasts across the web. I first saw Beth Feldman of RoleMommy.com use it and I gave it a try myself.

So, I am starting my Quick Audio Tips series again, but this time on Cinch! If you have a question about your blog or about mom blogging in general feel free to @  or DM your question to me on Twitter (I’m @mombloggersclub), leave a question here as a comment, or email me at jjames@themomsalon.com with your question.

I will choose questions to answer every other day and share my advice with all of you on Twitter and Facebook and I’ll also post them here as well.

I look forward to sharing my advice!

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