When Their Conclusions Always Become Your Conclusions, You’ve Lost!

Opinions in the mom blogosphere are rife these days. Advice is rampant about how to blog “properly”, how to truly be authentic, or how to stand out in the sea of blogging voices. Even I write opinion pieces and advice about these very topics. But, they’re just that: my opinions! Sometimes my advice may fall in line with your thinking and other times you may think I’m a crazy woman. That’s completely fine with me.

Today I want to encourage you to always be confident in your blogging style, whatever style that may be. It is easy to allow other bloggers’ opinions to seep in and reshape the way we do things. That’s fine on occasion, not always! That is to say: always be confident in the blogging decisions you make and the way you decide to blog. If you want to redefine what mom blogging is and do everything your way, do it! If you want to shun all commercial interests on your blog, be the best ad-free blog on the planet. Or, if all you want to do is write product reviews, be the best product reviewer ever! If you only want to blog once a month, own that!

I always love hearing the perspectives of other bloggers. Sometimes I agree and sometimes I disagree, but I am never swayed by every opinion piece I read. Define your own blogging direction and keep in mind: when their conclusions always become your conclusion, you’ve lost.

There is great strength in confidence. Strive to always be a confident blogger!


  1. This is a great post, Jennifer. Especially for new bloggers venturing into the fray because of all the buzz they’ve heard about so many other moms who are doing it. And as the old saying goes “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything!”; the same goes for your blog – if it’s only trying to “keep up with the joneses”, it will reflect that confusion and you may get some readers here and there, but none that are loyal to who YOU are. That’s the best advice a new blogger could get – do YOU! Write what you feel passionate about and let your interests shine through; only then will your blog begin to get some traction. It takes a little patience, but if you stay the course and remain focused (don’t follow all the shiny objects!!), then as you say in your motto, Jennifer, “a solid community will come”.


  2. Great points, Jennifer!

    We each have our own opinions, which is what makes our blogs unique. The problem I also have is when those opinions become extreme and “I hate this so you should do this instead.” I don’t understand the behaviors of positioning opinions in that manner on topics like ads or reviews/giveaways, honestly. If someone doesn’t prefer the way I blog, then they will likely enjoy the way another person in my niche does it and they should read them instead.

    The part that saddens me is when we, as women, create conflict because our opinions differ. Professionals (and women) in business have style differences all the time. Challenging a process and still coming to the same conclusion is an important process to go through for learning and development. But, when it’s done with such extreme viewpoints, it’s hard to have a productive conversation. Honestly, if we can’t look to other women in our community for support, advice, or to have thought-provoking discussions and disagreements, then how are we moving forward as a united front?

    You are absolutely dead ON about the confidence. I’d also say courageous leadership is necessary to coming up with our own conclusions. No matter what the move a peer makes, I’d hope that there is a person they can discuss things with who will give them an honest opinion from all viewpoints. That was actually a big part of what I took from Kevin Carroll’s keynote at Blissdom. I truly believe a lot can be learned when those candid conversations occur, while still coming up with our own (same) conclusion. The {professional} dialogue will help our community be that much better!


    • @Tisha — Love the shiny objects reference. It is so easy to chase shiny in the online world. Thank you for your comment!

      @Andrea – Totally agree! I hate the conflicts that arise from varying opinions. There is space for everyone. We’re all different.


  3. Aha! This is a wonderful reminder for me. Remember that freelance gig I told you I landed? When I wrote my first piece they said, “how come you didn’t use the same writing style you have on your blog?”.

    Ugh. I was really nervous about that first piece and thought I needed to change my voice to be journalist and fit in. WRONG! Thanks Jennifer. :)


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