Mom Bloggers Club Now Has An Ad Network

I can hardly believe it myself, but this week saw the launch of the Mom Bloggers Club ad network. If you read my posts about ad networks, you know I hate them! So why did I start an ad network if I’m not fond of them?

I told myself I would only start an ad network if I could turn the current model on its ear. I’ve made a few changes, notably

  • you are paid up front for the impressions you’ll serve up and
  • once the ad campaign is done I don’t want to clutter up your sidebars, so you can take the ad tags down.

It’s a simple approach. Right now I’m really pleased with the initial roll-out and look forward to growing it.

This is just another testament that if you can dream it, you can do it!

If you’re interested in being considered for future ad campaigns, be sure to sign up for Mom Bloggers Club blogger programs.


  1. Congrats, Jennifer! I appreciate that you are doing things differently and setting a new “bar” for the way ad networks operate.

    I’d love to be a part of what you are doing. Please keep me in mind as you move forward.


  2. I filled out the form (possibly twice) but I haven’t heard anything further. Wondering if you have all the bloggers you’re taking or where things stand. THANKS


  3. I’m glad to see a new approach to the ad network. I have looked into a few of them, but never found one that fit me. I filled out the form for yours. Hope we can work together.


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