My Obligatory Blogher Post: Advice on How Not to Stress Out

Last year was my very first Blogher conference and believe me, it was crazy! This year I am taking a completely different approach. I am going, but I’m not obligating myself to too much. There just isn’t enough time. As someone who ran around like a crazy woman last year, here’s my advice on how to stay stress-free during Blogher weekend.

1) Exercise Every Morning: Getting to the hotel gym or simply taking a brisk walk at sunrise will get your mind and body ready for the day. I recommend working out especially on the very first day of Blogher to get your pent-up energy and jitters out before you hit the conference floor.

2) Take Time for Yourself: Last year I walked a lot in Chicago just enjoying the scenery, shopping on the Magnificent Mile, and even eating dinner by myself one night. It was nice and allowed me to really revel in some “me time”. Don’t be afraid to think of yourself, even if it means slipping away to Starbucks to grab a cappuccino alone or going to get a mani-pedi.

3) Dress Comfortably: Many bloggers have already extolled the value of dressing comfortably. It’s always nice to be well-dressed, but if you buy new shoes, go buy them TODAY and break those babies out before walking around all day in heels that pinch your toes until they’re bloody. There’s not that much cute in the world!

4) Don’t Take Party Invitations Too Seriously: Party invitations can’t make or break you! Last year I was invited to all of ONE brand event and then tagged along with Renée to events she had already signed up for. It was all good. I didn’t know how Blogher rolled at the time and didn’t even know off-site parties existed. This year I received so many invitations I couldn’t attend them all. So, don’t pin your worth on whether you received invitations to brand events or not.

5) Have fun! I know this sounds so cliché, but it is so true! If all else fails, always have fun. You’ll be in New York City. If you can’t have fun in NYC, you can’t have fun anywhere. It’s all about your frame of mind. Dwell in positivity and that positive attitude will travel with you the entire weekend!

I look forward to seeing you there!


  1. Oh Thank You Jennifer!

    I couldn’t get the funds together to attend this years BlogHer conf. (makes me so sad, I love NYC!). I was a little relieved to be honest because I was so nervous about attending. Your post should be in BlogHer’s Welcome Packet (if they have one ;-> )


  2. Jennifer, thank you so much for the advice, this is my first BlogHer conference, I’m excited and overwhelmed! I’m also speaking (first time) so that adds a little bit more stress, any advice on that? :)

    I would love to meet you, are you coming to our Social Fiesta?


  3. Silvia — When you get up there in your session and see all those people you probably will get nervous. But in all honesty you really shouldn’t. People are coming to see what you have to say and you’ll be up there for a reason! Just remember: I got this! You’ll do fine.

    No, I unfortunately I won’t be at Social Fiesta.


  4. Awesome advice, especially the working out. I signed up for the 5k just so I’d be forced to workout. I know it will help me in the long run. And this time it’s NYC. I figure I can enjoy the scenery a bit while I’m running.

    Hope to have a chance to chat with you a bit while we are there. We always seem to be missing each other at conferences!


  5. I needed to read this because I can already feel the sense of being overwhelmed hitting me. I have decided what I really want to get out of my first BlogHer is real and personal connections.
    Of course, I want to network and “get myself out there,” but I want to be able to lay back, forget about the parties and the swag and just connect in meaningful ways. I also love just wandering in NYC with no set agenda at all.

    Thanks for your always timely advice!


  6. I wholeheartedly agree w/ number 4 & 5! Chose the brand you really want to work with and dont fret if you cant attend all of it OR on the flip side, have not received any invite. Having fun is the key and that’s part of my plan! This year is my 1st. I hope to hang out w/ you there!


  7. Jennifer, this is the best conference advice that I’ve seen to-date! I especially agree with #1 and #2.

    I would also add that it’s a good idea to pre-schedule a few coffee, breakfast, or dinner meet-ups with individuals that you want to meet and connect with. Once you arrive, it can be overwhelming (and underwhelming). So many people. So many events. Etc. Scheduling in time with friends (old + new) will make it much more likely that you’ll walk away from the conference feeling satisfied with the experience.

    P.S. My favorite night of BlogHer ’08 was a spontaneous dinner at a San Francisco 50’s restaurant w/ a small group of my favorite bloggers.


  8. I wasn’t at last year’s event, but I ran myself ragged at the 2008 BlogHer in San Francisco.

    One thing that helped me was that I skipped the sponsored continental breakfast on the second day and treated myself to a “real” breakfast in the hotel restaurant. As you suggested, I needed some “me” time… and a meal that wasn’t too heavy on carbs.

    I love the suggestion to exercise – or at least take a long walk in the morning. I plan to do that next week in NY… that is, if I’m not too tired from those parties I’ve tried to RSVP to selectively.


  9. Jen ~

    I absolutely adore you! As always, your advice & timing is spot on!

    This is my first time at BlogHer, but not my first time at a conference of this magnitude.

    {as the organizer} I’d like to add one other tip, if that’s alright ~

    Take a ziploc baggie to stash all your business cards in at the end of each night. And, if possible, write a note on the back of the card when the person hands it to you, reminding you what you spoke about or what event you met at.

    Trust me, you won’t remember once you’re home.

    Have fun on your walks, I’ll be trying Yoga from my room {since I’ll be live vlogging during the conference!}

    Till next week …


  10. Also, don’t feel the need to go to session all day long. Skip a few and either relax, mingle or spend time in the exhibitor hall when it is less crowded. And I also can’t stress comfortable shoes too much. People will see the pain on your face by the end of the day.


  11. Sounds like you have it covered. If you have never been to NYC there is so much to look at too. I remember the first time I went. All I could do was stare in awe at the tall buildings and hoards of people walking around everywhere. One thing not to miss is to make sure you get a bag of hot peanuts from a street vendor.


  12. Great advice, Jennifer, particularly about exercising (I’m all about the pre-Big Event work-out). This is my first conference and I’m very excited. Hopefully you won’t mind if I snag you for a two-minute conversation on Saturday; I’m sure that’s all you’ll have time for and I’ll be grateful for the 120 seconds :-)


  13. This is exactly what I needed to read today.
    There’s so much furor over BlogHer that it IS freaking me out. Yours are gentle reminders to put it all in perspective.
    I will take your advice.
    Thanks for sharing and being zen!


  14. Thanks for this Jennifer! I already had in my mind that I wanted to take some early morning power walks, but now know “why” I should make it a definite priority. It’s my first time and I am feeling a bit frazzled, but also so darn excited!


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