Industries That Are Missing the Mom Blogging Boat

If you’re a marketer who works intimately with the mom blogging community you might find this information interesting.

For the past three years I have conducted surveys with mom bloggers about the latest products they reviewed when connecting them with unique opportunities with brands who partner with the Mom Bloggers Club. Below are the results.

2008 2009 2010
Personal and Beauty Care 46.62% 53.26% 72.21%
House and Home 45.71% 54.31% 71.30%
Health, Wellness, Nutrition 33.68% 47.00% 58.63%
Baby, Kids, Family 53.98% 67.36% 80.15%
Pet Care 13.23% 15.93% 19.69%
Financial Services 5.41% 6.27% 7.33%
Automotive 7.97% 7.31% 13.74%
Computer / Technology 23.46% 28.72% 39.69%
Retail Stores / Apparel 33.53% 40.99% 53.28%

Not surprisingly, the financial services industry is way behind in working with mom bloggers. That approach may be a bit sexist. Citibank figured out they really needed to target women and created Women & Co. I believe it’s high time for other financial companies to reach out to moms because too many of us have huge influence in our household finances.

It surprises me a bit that the pet industry hasn’t really embraced the mom market. In all seriousness, they need to do a much better job because family pets are big parts of the family unit and moms are in large part the ones who are buying the pet food, toys, leashes, and carrying them to the vet.

The automotive industry is doing a much better job, especially this year. Even I went to a junket sponsored by Lexus. The car industry perked up because they have finally figured out that moms’ sway over car purchases is immense.


  1. I’m curious if these industries have just not embraced the concept of bloggers doing product reviews or if they have embraced it but have left out the mom market.


  2. I think the financial services industry just isn’t hip to marketing to woman across the board. The automotive industry is doing a much better job. And the pet industry is a toss up. I know there is a growing pet blogger community, so perhaps that’s where they are focusing their attention.


  3. This is interesting research – thoughtful and insightful (as usual). We have spoken about the auto industry, but here’s my (NYC) perspective on the other two:

    -Of them all, I think that finance has the hardest time. A few financial companies have done some local (NYC) events – trapeze flying, etc, but it’s hard to make a true connection unless the bloggers are already using their services or willing to switch. (Also, coming from a finance/investment banking background, I know that there are a lot of compliance hoops that financial companies have to adhere to in regards to their outreach that other industries don’t necessarily have to consider.)

    -I think that the pet products industry will definitely pick up in their outreach across the board. They have already started in NYC. I have received many requests for pet product reviews and even for a few events…especially this year. Unfortunately, at the time, I didn’t have a pet! Now, that Tiger (our cat) is a part of the family, I need to reconnect with some of those marketers. Thanks for the reminder!


  4. Love seeing this kind of data. Interesting that I am working with a financial item right now, but the focus is teens actually, but still. I have done some small campaigns with a pet company, and am working on some tech based stuff now too – but I would love to see that increase for everyone. The automotive would be really interesting to me, would have loved the Lexus event – I’m in love with my LS430!


  5. Thanks for the fascinating statistics, Jennifer.

    I am especially surprised that the apparel category has kept such an arm’s-length distance from mom bloggers. Most moms love fashion and are frequently on-the-lookout for new and stylish pieces for themselves, their husbands, and their kids. I am confident that clothing companies would reap huge rewards if they engaged bloggers w/ product reviews, advertising, and creative campaign partnerships.


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