How Have YOU Supported the Mom Blogging Community?

This week I have been traveling quite a bit. Flying on planes gives you a lot of quiet time to think. One idea that struck me somewhere between Atlanta and New York early Tuesday morning was how our blogging community is not about a few big fish. Rather, it’s more about a lot of mid-size fish that will make the mom blogging community grow, thrive, and endure.

There is never anything appealing about communities that are too top-heavy. This theory was bolstered by the news I read yesterday (although late) that Barnes & Noble is selling its stores because its shares have lost over 70% of their value over the last four years. Many factors undoubetdly led to this, but from a consumer standpoint we all know the simple reason for their value-loss.

Barnes & Noble was the big fish in the book market for a long time, while small independent bookstores floundered. One simple gesture of Barnes & Noble helping its smaller book selling counterparts would have gone a long way in bolstering not only its revenue, but also goodwill among those who purchase books from B&N in store and online. Now, everyone is gloating that a giant has fallen.

The same theory holds true in the mom blogging community. It is my belief that the larger you grow the more it is incumbent upon you to help the next mom blogger strengthen her blog and also receive great opportunities to earn money and thrive online. With a larger expanse of successful bloggers, our community grows stronger, which in turn, ensures greater earning opportunities for all of us.

When any blogging community is ready to topple over from a very small amount of leading  bloggers who always receive the opportunities, then brands look for other ways to spread their message and reach their core consumers. While every community will have a top tier of leaders (it’s inevitable!), that top tier should always look down to help the second tier move up.

How can you help support the mom blogging community?

It’s easy. The next time you can offer helpful advice to your fellow blogger no matter what level you’re on, understand that the knowledge you impart will help all mom bloggers not just her. Always think BIG picture! The more we help one another, the more sustainable our community will become not only next year, but for years to come.

What are some ideas you have for helping pull other mom blogs up as they seek to grow larger and be more successful?


  1. Wow. What a fantastic post and point of view. I completely agree with you; some of the “top” bloggers have helped me tremendously (in particular, you and Kimberly at Mom in the City) and I have been struck by the generous nature of the mom blogging community. Thanks to all who have helped me and I hope I will always have the attitude of “community” rather than “self”.


  2. I’m a big believer in sharing the wealth of knowledge – if you have figured out something that works really well, don’t be afraid to share it with others. It doesn’t make less for you, just more for everyone! I also am a big believer that what you give is what you receive. Giving out help and support and kindness to others means that is what you are going to receive back from your community as well.


  3. great post- I’m a firm believer in helping new bloggers out the way I was helped- i’ve made some good friendships thru this mentoring and I think blogging is the perfect format for it and women!


    • This is really true; I actually prefer to read the mid-sized blogs because I cn get feedback and interaction from the authors, whereas the top mom blogs will probably not notice my wee comment in their 1000’s of responses.
      I like the community aspect of blogging.
      I like the way the blog community can spill over into real life.
      Many women out there are lonely and isolated. Bloggin is a way of connecting, but sometimes you need real life conversation, coffee & cake!
      Just this week i issued and open invitation to any bloggers/blog readers within driving distance of my home to come for a tea party.
      We held it yesterday and it was fantastic.
      Most of the bloggers are smaller bloggers and new at it, so they were able to connect and swap ideas.
      Come by and have a look… Blogland meets RL at my house!
      (I’ll be doing it again)


  4. I agree completely, what I really liked about blogging when I first joined is how helpful other more experienced bloggers are. I asked many a question and I was a little surprised and very happy to see how many were willing to share their knowlege from things ranging from how to get more readers – read other people’s blogs and comment and they’ll visit you too – to how to connect with your first companies to do reviews. I get a lot of encouragement from fellow bloggers and try to give it back whenever I’m asked. Now that I’m no longer a newbie, I find it pretty neat when others ask for my assistance. Which I am happy to give, I’m not an expert by any means but I think I’ve passed beginner.


  5. I was just asked to speak to a handful of college students about using social media within the dairy industry…..I’m terrified of public speaking, but I do think it is important to share my story with young college age kids….I just hope I’m brave enough to go through with it! Thanks!


  6. I’ve been trying really hard to teach moms how to make money off of their blogs legitimately through affiliate marketing and connect them with other mom bloggers who are also affiliate marketers. I did a session on Monetizing Blogs at Affiliate Summit in January and am doing another one at Blog Indiana this weekend. So many moms give up because they don’t feel like they are getting out of it what they put into it. It isn’t all about the money, but it can help a lot of women who are trying to be able to stay home and not have to turn to full-time positions outside of their homes. It’s just an uphill battle trying to convince people that it isn’t a scam or MLM.


  7. Awesome point of view and advice. I am still learning the ropes and getting my blog off the ground. I’ve had many fits and starts but it is wonderful to find such excellent advice on many blogs. As a full-time working mom blogger its a little more difficult to get out there and make new connections. But I’m determined to learn all I can and slowly build a successful blog.


  8. Jennifer, thanks for the great post. It is this attitude that attracts so many moms to you and to your group. I love learning and sharing at MBC. It is with this attitude we can all find our own success and fulfillment.. It is my belief that we can learn something and teach something to everyone we come into contact with. Especially us woman, it is our nature to be social. We want to help,support, and educate each other. We also want to feel supported. Thanks so much for all you do for your readers. Dianne at mom-stuff


  9. I’ve been on the receiving end of help from wonderful Mom Bloggers when I started out and still am 3 years later. Because of that, I believe in paying it forward. I’m not an expert in all fields of blogging so if I can’t help, I’ll refer them to someone who can.

    Mentorship programs whether formal or informal work well. There needs to be a way to communicate easily, be it through chat, Skype, etc. Making a schedule for times that you can be available is helpful. Working in forums or Google groups is a good way to connect too. Don’t forget Twitter, where there’s often requests for help from fellow bloggers. Answer or retweet the question. Just take the time to do what you can!


  10. Before I make my comment, I just wanted to say that you are a great example of this. After the Good Humor event yesterday, I “overheard” (not really – they were talking to me) a couple of bloggers say how great it was to see that you (a “big” blogger) was so down to earth because that had not been their experience at conferences and such.

    Personally, I try to support the community by giving constructive (I hope) input; trying to make everyone (in my presence) feel welcome and valued and simply by sharing opportunities (event/job/etc. referrals). It’s a start…


  11. Awesome post as usual Jennifer. Great points made. I am always happy to pay it forward. I have taken on the task of mentoring… uh, ok, forcing ;) a friend to get involved in blogging and I do what I can to help her. And any time I get a great opp that is open (not a private invite) I am more than happy to share. I will happily pass on paid opps and reviews to others that can use them, and I am all about sharing advice.

    I think you are a perfect example for all of us.

    Thanks again! :0)



  12. I concur 100%.
    I wouldn’t have a site or online presence at all without the support of others. At every stage of growth someone has been there to offer a nugget, help solve a problem, or just cheer me on.

    I’d also add that finding a local convergence of you online and IRL world is tremendously valuable. I love my F2F blogging buddies!


  13. Fabulous post! I think all this talk of marketing your skillsets has the danger of keeping the big blogging secrets available only to the highest bidder. But I have found that almost every time I have asked a question, or tried to learn something new, I have been met with the utmost grace and willingness to help get me there. I love this community and you are proof of exactly why!


  14. The mom blogging community has always been about helping one another – that’s what makes us so powerful. “Big fish” bloggers are a relatively new phenomenon. More power to those who do get the popularity and readers that allow them to make money; in the end, it is helpful to all of us. In the meantime, we “middle” and “little fish” are doing quite well, thank you — making friends and sharing our stories with others.


  15. Once again, very wise advice, Jennifer.

    Having just moved to Syracuse, I’m trying to corral together the mom bloggers in the area so we can offer each other support, encouragement and friendship. Hopefully if the first gathering goes well, we could introduce topics like monetizing your blog, design and attracting traffic.

    Thanks for the inspirational post!


  16. Beautiful! There´s no way to grow personally without first giving and sharing. The more you know, the more you receive, the more you should give of yourself. It´s not always easy to do so, especially when success starts to busy you up, but the fact that it´s not easy makes it even more powerful to dig within yourself, destroy your ego, and just give.

    I am blesssed to have many blog hermanas/sisters I can call my gurus!


  17. I’m still the little fish in the big pond. I’ve gained tremendous insights from other mom bloggers, and that has made my short blogging journey all the more easy because they took the time to help.

    I feel it’s always nice to lend a hand to whomever may need it, but that’s the kind of person I am. If I am fortunate enough to “make it” as a blogger, I hope I will always find the time and energy to give a hand to a fellow blogger learning the ropes.

    Excellent piece. Thanks for sharing.

    Peace. ;)



  18. I try to post money-makers on my blogs, and I have a mom blog as well as my professional ones….

    It is my business to help others. I will give free advice, but if it comes walking someone through setting up a blog ( or doing it for them…) or if they need A LOT of help, I do charge. BUT I also place their link on my testimony page,.

    And I still keep emailing stuff to them as I find it….

    I also have a blogging newsletter you can sign up for- more FREE help!…


  19. I LOVE this post Jennifer! You are totally right! (As usual!)

    Our community is the most incredible, supportive group of women I have ever experienced. The sincerity with which my dear friends like you all help one another is just beautiful. It is sharing and helping one another that makes me LOVE my life online.


  20. I’ll just say that I was in a place where I was NOT willing to see the big picture as you see it, because I felt like I was swimming in sharky waters with a family to support…so I held back. I am better about reaching out to others and it does make my day to see someone successfully use my advice. While going public with it all still isn’t my thing, I don’t mind spending some 1 on 1 time with inquiring minds.


  21. I am totally new at blogging and just marketing a business that took me three years to create. I don’t even know how to ask for help.

    Do I ask individual bloggers? Do other bloggers leave me comments? Do I post my blog here or leave a comment with the url of the blog?

    You can see my naivete!

    So glad I read this email. Thank you in advance.


  22. Another well-thought-out and actionable post, Jennifer! I love your style of writing.

    I agree completely that we need to spread the knowledge and the opportunities around…and to celebrate the successes of our fellow bloggers. There is room enough for everyone:


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