Social Media for Maximum Exposure

Social media is on everyone’s agenda these days. Most of us are already using social media sites and have been for many years. But, the big question is: How are you using social media for maximum exposure for your brand?

One thing is certain: using social media for maximum exposure is not difficult. In fact, it is empowering to share as much as possible with your readers on social media sites whether you’re using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Whrrl, for example.

If you’re goal is to utilize social media to further your blog’s brand there are easy ways to do it. Here are my top 10 tips to make sure you are using social media to its fullest potential.

Top Ten Tips for Using Social Media for Maximum Exposure

1) Understand Your Readers, Followers and Friends and Appreciate Them: People read your blog and follow you on social media sites because they want to connect with you. Don’t take that lightly. Even though you can have thousands and thousands of friends, subscribers, likes, and followers, never take it for granted because people will leave you as soon as they connect with you. Never think about yourself. Always think of others and how your contributions will enrich their lives, even if it’s a simple tweet about how a cup of coffee is your favorite way to start your day. Think about “them” before “you”.

2) Provide Value to Those Who Are Following You: As aforementioned, you want to always appreciate those who follow you on social media sites because they don’t have to connect with you at all. That said, always provide value to those who connect with you on social media sites. Make sure to think about your approach to social media instead of simply posting without an agenda in mind. For example, if you are a frugal blogger, make sure to provide value to your followers by constantly providing frugal living information for them and make sure the social media community you grow has a consistent theme.

3) Keep Your Branding Consistent Across All Platforms: It is vitally important to keep your branding consistent across all social media sites. This can be difficult because user names are sometimes taken. This is the time when you need to be creative. Sometimes the URL of a social media site won’t be what you want it to be, but always make sure your title is consistent. For example, the Mom Bloggers Club branding is consistent throughout the web on Twitter (@mombloggersclub), on Facebook (, and on YouTube ( Consistency makes your brand more recognizable and easy to find. I know it’s sometimes hard to reconcile if your brand is going to be you or your blog. Whatever you decide, make sure to keep it consistent.

4) Remain Consistent: This time consistency doesn’t mean staying the same across all platforms. This consistency is all about going to distance to make sure social media works for you. Don’t start a Facebook page that you never update or a Twitter page that has two tweets from three months ago. Always be consistent in your approach to social media.

5) Remember: Someone Is Always Watching: How many times have you had a Twitter meltdown? They’re never pretty, right? So many key players are on Twitter and other social networking sites that you have to be careful what you talk about on your social networking sites. Brands want to connect with people who they can rely on and who they know won’t throw a Twitter fit. I recommend keeping your business and your personal social media profiles separate if you want to talk about your personal life in great detail or if you want to talk about things you don’t want the world to know about.

6) Interact: Always remember to connect with those who have taken the time to connect with you. Respond to as many messages as you can. I know it can be overwhelming, but try to be as accommodating as possible when people reach out to you.

7) Let People Know Your Social Media Profiles: This is a very easy tip because it is so simple to link to your social media profiles. Make sure those who read your blog can easily connect with you elsewhere.

8) Use As Many Social Media Sites As You’re Comfortable With: Maximum exposure in social media is all about spreading your brand around as much as possible. While no one can be active on all social media sites, make sure to use as many as you can handle. For me, Twitter and Facebook are my main two social media sites with Twitter running far ahead of Facebook. This approach works for me.

9) Be Realistic: It takes time to hone your personal approach to social media and also your numbers. Most people are not going to get 15,000 Twitter followers in two weeks or 5,000 likes on Facebook in a month. It takes time to build your social media community. Keep that in mind when you think your numbers are growing too slow.

10) Have fun: People always know when you’re having a great time with social media or if you are simply laboring through the motions. Have a great time connecting with other moms, your readers, and brands. Try not to use too many bots that connect everything together. For example, you can use bots to automatically update all of your sites at the same time. For me, that’s a turn-off. I know it works for others. I like to err on the side of always updating my social media pages with updates that aren’t automatically done.


  1. Those are fantastic tips, I really like the idea of keeping your business profiles separate from personal. I know it’s easy to integrate everything, since many of us are blogging about our personal life, etc. But it’s true, your business life needs to be thought out planned more.


  2. Great! It’s amazing how much of a living, breathing thing the internet is. If you’re going to keep yourself “alive” online, you can’t ignore your social media – I should know, I’ve fallen off the ‘net a couple times, and it is no fun having to start over!
    Sooooo, why is there no “tweet this” at the end of this article? Cause that’s exactly what I was wanting to do!


  3. #5 Someone is always watching is so true. This is a great tip! I just participated in a writing conference. If you are planning any kind of writing career or any public career for that matter you need to be always thinking ahead. Agents search you to find out what they can find on the net. Contracts have been given or denied due to someone’s reputation or performance online.


  4. I use social media to promote my blog, but more importantly, that is what I do with my work at home job. I am always using social media and staying on top of the new things and trends.

    Have you read Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuck? I can’t recommend it enough. He is a social media guru and gives you step by step instructions on building your brand. It is only 140 pages. I read it in 2 days, which is amazing considering my kids, work, my blog, etc, etc, etc.


  5. For me, Facebook is far ahead of Twitter, in incoming traffic. On my Freely Educate Facebook page, I not only put up a link to the latest blog post, I’ve learned to engage the readers, by asking a daily question, such as “You get to go back in time to chat yourself on the first day of homeschool. What do you say?” These questions get quite a few responses (25-50 from 800 followers), but more importantly, they keep my little site fresh in their minds. Even better, I’m encouraged by getting a chance to “chat” with my readers, who usually don’t comment on my blog except for a giveaway.


  6. Great tips! I’m working on #3 and need to do a better job with #1! I try to ask my readers questions to get to know them better, but I don’t get much response at all so I give up.


  7. Truly great tips, some of which couldn’t have come at a better time. I was struggling to keep up with all my messages and “connections” and this has given me the energy to get to them all – even if it takes a few days!


  8. Yes, yes, yes – someone IS always watching and listening. When people ask me ‘Jen, how did you get the job/opp. etc’, I reply something along the lines of ”Being myself/brand via social media and providing quality content regardless the source’ .Being yourself via your vlog and social media and remember that someone is always watching.


  9. You hit it all there. I’m the same when it comes to using twitter and facebook as my main two. And of course twitter comes far ahead of facebook. It’s just easier for me to keep up with twitter.


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