The Importance of Soul Work for Bloggers and Businesswomen

Constant and consistent blogging could easily take its toll on me. Couple that with several business trips per month, putting together campaigns with brands, and being a wife and mom I have to make sure I take a step back from it all or else I could fall off the deep end — quickly!

For me there is no better way to stay grounded than getting out in nature. Yesterday my family and I took a 7 mile walk at a local lake. It took two hours to complete, but the benefits were phenomenal.

During two hours of walking I relaxed my mind, spent quality time with my husband and my girls and thought about other things than my computer. Some serious soul work was taking place yesterday and I feel wonderfully refeshed today.

For those of us who work digitally, getting away from the keyboard and computer screen is a must! At the end of the day there is an innate need to simplify our lives because perpetually working online creates the grand tendency to work without ceasing, all the while neglecting to take personal moments to ourselves. Without realizing it, our lives become obsessively wrapped up in our phones, email, blogging, Twitter, and Facebook.

It’s up to us to make sure we take time to decompress and then come back refreshed and ready to work.

Decompressing is deeply correlated with quality work. Whenever I am frazzled, my work suffers. Whenever I am refreshed my work sings. Sometimes work and projects dictate that I stay in a temporary state of  flux, exhaustion, and self-preservation. At these times I need to remind myself to get out in nature or simply take time to meditate. Honestly, it doesn’t always happen because oftentimes I fall victim to the false idea of digital immediacy.

As the year progresses and my work expands (especially as the holidays near) I will be working on a practice of getting out more in nature and concentrating on producing more and more quality work and staying sane in the meantime.

What about you?


  1. I feel the same way about getting out in nature. We have a dairy farm, so I just tell my kids we’re going “down to the ranch” to visit the cows. We also live across the street from a lake and love to go over and walk around……which definitely clears one’s mind.


  2. My blog post on Saturday was on this, too, but from the point of feeling empty and needing a fill-up. Nature is it for me, too. Yesterday we enjoyed a family kayak and canoe trip down the river, complete with a water fight. Today: I’m working on a quilt then going on a date with hubby to see John Mayer perform tonight.


  3. Its why I run outside, slow as a turtle, 4 times a week, alone with my thoughts and running buddy to cleanse my mind of its worry and my body of its stress. You can always tell if I’m in a cycle when I’m NOT outside running…its like a flashing sign on my forehead screaming that I need to chill and pound out the complexity so I can start from center. We walk every day w/ the dog and our children too…makes all the difference! I’m glad you had that real weekend break to steal you away to what truly matters most….in real life =)


  4. Yes! It´s essential to know how to unplug. I find myself having to force quality time with my own being and that´s not how it should, or I want it to, be.
    Thanks for the reminder to take care of ourselves and our families first. We need to be able to fuel our souls in order to continue to give. Essential.


  5. A friend alerted me to this post today, a couple of days after I shut down Bilingual in the Boonies, my blog since 2006. The plan is to leave it be through the end of the year to make more room for what matters most: My family, my sanity and some important projects I have let go for too long.

    I live on 20 beautiful, wooded acres in the Tennessee countryside. You know, I rarely take a walk in our woods anymore. When I do, and I listen for the woodpeckers and songbirds, when I look up at the 300-year-old beech trees just outside my door and down the hill, I am refreshed and all things important become clearer.

    Sometimes, we have to step back for a few hours, sometimes, for a few months.

    Thank you, Jennifer, for spreading the message so well.



  6. Thanks for the reminder Jennifer. I’ve been trying to shut the computer off more often. A lot of friends are feeling the exhaustion that blogging for business can bring, and your post came at a very opportune time. I was able to share with them as well as remind myself that it’s ok, really. :)


  7. Thanks, Jennifer. I just came back from three days unplugged myself! We went camping and it felt so good and relaxing to be away from my computer. The world will continue on without my posts and tweets; how about that?!


  8. I feel the same way, Jennifer!

    We have started camping and I was amazed how relaxed I felt because I wasn’t jumping to the keyboard every 5 minutes to read a blog, post a blog, answer email, or help someone.

    We enjoyed food cooked on the campfire, walks in the woods and making new friends (OK, I guess socializing COULD bring new clients so I was SORT of working!)


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