The Correlation Between Your Mom Blog Title and the Money You’ll Make

I am currently working on a pretty large scale blogging project. Details are forthcoming in the next few weeks. Suffice it to say I am literally combing through thousands and thousands of niche mom blogs. As I am going through these blogs and seeing which ones are the most successful in terms of numbers (traffic, Google Pagerank, etc) I am running across a pretty consistent theme.

Want to know what it is?

In large part, blogs whose title reflects a definitive theme and niche have the most traffic. Mom blogs with nebulous titles/ideas don’t. *I haven’t looked at first-person mom blogs at all.

Just by looking at title trends thus far in my research I’ve been able to see what works and what doesn’t. Of course, there are always, always exceptions to the rules, but this is just what I’m discovering.

Words That Work in Mom Blog Titles

(There are always exceptions!)








Words That Don’t Work in Mom Blog Titles

(There are always exceptions!)







Of course, we all know that when a mom blogger has more readers and traffic, opportunities to work with brands and earn money increase exponentially, even if it’s simply earning money from an ad network.

The major takeaway: Niches work very well in terms of readership and traffic. Blog titles with terms like baby, eco, and confessions tell readers right away what they’ll be reading. These titles are far more effective than titles that convey vague language like best, big, creative, and daily. But, again, I want to say clearly that this is only a trend I’m finding, not the rule!

What do you think about the trends I’m starting to see as I go through so many mom blogs? True or way off?


  1. Yes, SEO is Queen! Titles and blog post should be easy to search for. I made sure to have specific words in my blog titles. I thought I would stay trendy and use modern ways to spell things too. My blogs are named “Quintessential Housewife” and “iFlaunt4U: Products and Reviews.”

    Very cool info to know!


  2. Jennifer, your observations are always so helpful. I’ve been blogging for a couple of years, and sometimes wonder about my blog title, which is very personal (Love That Max) and not really descriptive of what the blog is about (a blog for parents of kids with special needs). Couldn’t get domain name for To The Max! But, in the end, my blog does OK, and it does what I want it to do—inspire other moms.


  3. Its true. Because most PR, brands and businesses search using those same terms to find the iconic ‘mom blog’ to work with…those blogs get attention and eventually traffic.

    But I went a different direction when I started mine many years ago. I didn’t want to be limited to Pampers giveaways long after my kids were out of diapers. I named it with something that would endure and grow over time. And I have been told by numerous brands over the years that they love my site title….because they can market a wider variety of products in confidence on the site. As I teach class on blogging I stress the importance of selecting your ‘brand’ name. And I steer people away from one that seem snarky or self deprecating (crazy, insanity etc) because what brand wants to be associated with that? Few.

    Good luck on the project!


  4. I am reminded every now and then that my blog title is challenging (i.e. BlogHer won’t accept me in their ad network because of the word “bitchin'”) but I think it perfectly sums up my site, so when the right company comes along, it will definitely work. I love that it is pretty easy to remember and it is definitely not like any other blog title you come across.

    p.s. I love your site! I just found it through a tweet about your “upcoming year from mom bloggers” post and am now going through as much of it as I have time for.


  5. That’s really interesting and something I’ve never thought much about. When I first started my blog I picked the name quite literally in 30 seconds. I never dreamed I’d have more than a handful of readers, let alone advertisers. Reading this, I do wonder where I fit in, how my blog title affects sponsor interest but I can’t imagine I’ll ever “rebrand”. 3 Kids and Us is who we are (for now) … maybe I should buy 4 Kids and Us just in case though.


  6. I find this so intriguing because I have a website that is my company name, trademarks that include part of that name and others, and then a name for my video blog which has written content with most videos now. Having a brand + product first and then entering video blogging, I didn’t identify the video blog as independent. However, that may change =) Thanks so much for teaching as always…can’t wait to learn more about your new project! Much success~


  7. This is so interesting….yet it doesn’t surprise me. When I first jumped into this space, I didn’t it COMPLETELY backwards – site BEFORE blog. So, naturally there was no SEO thought process in ANYTHING I did….*sigh* :) Thank you for researching these topics….you keep me thinking.


  8. I went through the same thought process as Marcy when I created my blog title, because I didn’t want to be pigeon-holed into writing just about baby stuff. As women, we have valuable insights on all different kinds of topics and products. I love my son, but I also love running, yoga, traveling, reading and of course, shopping. I felt a title like “Mommy Makes Three” let my readers know that “Mommy” is just one of the hats I wear.

    Great post!


  9. Count me among the bloggers who say, “If I only knew then what I know now!” My blog, Hormone-colored Days, was based on a poem I wrote, itself a riff on Dr. Suess’s “My many colored days.” I began blogging in 2005. If I was starting now, I’d choose something more niche and more professional sounding.

    Putting my social media hat on, I will add that if you Twitter name does not match the writer’s blog or real name, it gets very confusing to keep all the names straight. In most cases, cutesy Twitter handles don’t cut it for a person who is trying to make it professionally. (Says the professional woman with a cartoonish graphic as her Twitter avatar.)


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