I Can Dish Blogging Advice, But Can I Take It? My Experiment in Starting Over

Every week I share new advice I have about how to become a better blogger. All of my advice comes from what I have done myself. It encompasses all of the trial and error, mistakes, failures and victories I have had during my blogging career. Essentially everything I know I share with you.

But, all of my advice comes from the vantage point of someone who has been in the blogging biz for six years. It’s easy for me to dole out advice, but as a new or inexperienced blogger, it’s not so easy to implement the advice I give. So in order for me to be a better blogger and to give easier advice to utilize, I am starting an anonymous blog to see if I can benefit from the advice and tips I give to others. In other words, I am starting a blog from scratch to see if my tips work.

My anonymous blog isn’t in the mom niche and I don’t even use my real name. I will not mix pitches. That is, I will not benefit from the relationships I already have with PR firms, companies and advertisers. I am starting from nothing and trying to make something.

As I go along I will update my progress including my victories and failures. I’ll let you know how everything is going. And, in the meantime I will learn better ways to help new bloggers make a living out of what they love doing.


  1. Hmmm that’s pretty interesting. I have to admit, it sounds time consuming and difficult. After recently starting a second blog myself, I realized how much easier it was this go around because I had the benefit of experience and an audience to share it with … but starting from scratch, zero, zilch … the thought alone sounds exhausting. Kudos!


  2. I had 2 blogs for 3 years and recently deleted them to start 2 new blogs. It’s fun, hard, and many lessons learned through the process. I get so excited about making new blogs that I can’t sleep at night. LOL


  3. I’ve had that same discussion with friends who are successful bloggers and we’ve toyed with starting our blogs over to see if we can reach certain milestones again considering how the game has changed since 2004 when we started. None of us has had the gumption to do it — oh, the time involved! I’ll be interested to hear the results of this experiment and what you learn as you start from scratch again!


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