Why Top Mom Bloggers Have Greater Earning Power

If you ever want to know how to make money as a mom blogger then you have to think like a businesswoman! Every blogger, no matter the niche, who continually works with brands is constantly sought out because they:

a) produce quality work
b) consistently deliver
c) are versatile
d) are always willing to learn
e) are careful about their online reputation and
f) know their worth

If you don’t have a business background it can be extremely intimidating to hear that you need to start thinking like a businessperson. The hard truth is that unless and until you start thinking like a businesswoman and become a “big picture” person you will continue to struggle to flip your blog into the business you envision. It’s that simple.

There is a reason a lot of the same mom bloggers work with brands. It’s because when they wake up in the morning and look at themselves in the mirror they see a savvy businesswoman, not just a mom blogger. They understand that perception is everything and they have made the conscious decision to perceive themselves as “more than” than “less than”. Some mom bloggers take several years to recognize the transformation from mere blogger to businesswoman. In fact, it took me several years to see it. I clearly followed the Malcolm Gladwell 10,000 hour rule except I sped up the process by working as a blogger more than 20 hours a week and I am still working to improve the work I do.

The great thing is brands are recognizing, too, that these moms are businesswomen and treat them as such. The brand-blogger relationships are symbiotic because brands call on these moms time and time again for campaigns and in return the moms do everything in their power to produce the results the brand is looking for. These moms are not selfish in their outlook. Rather, they think about the brand and what they can deliver first before thinking about the pay-off in the end.

These mom bloggers are versatile. They can tweet about a live event or put together a video series for a brand. They can pen creative content for a sponsor or drive their readers to get involved in a cause they believe in. They are never limited by always working to their strengths. Instead they figure out ways to bolster their weaknesses if that means a better outcome for a brand.

These mom bloggers are always learning and never get stuck in a rut. When they hear about the latest blogging trend or social networking site, they open an account right away or ride the trend wave for a while. They test everything because they are regarded as trendsetters and wouldn’t be caught not “in the know”. How do these bloggers know when new trends and sites come about? They are keen observers and don’t miss a beat.

Additionally, these mom bloggers guard their online reputation and keep it safe. They understand that people are always watching and that brands base who they work with by the reputation bloggers create. These moms understand the true power of their words and influence and don’t abuse it.

As I write this I am definitely thinking of several moms who embody these traits and I love them for it! I’m sure you know mom bloggers like this as well. They serve as great examples to us all.


  1. What a beautifully inspiring post!
    Just the fact that I get chills when I read something like this tells me I´m on the right path. There´s clearly so much more to learn and I´m eager to follow your advice.
    Thanks for keeping us honest.
    See you in 3 weeks!


  2. So true!

    When I first began considering commercial avenues for my blog, I wondered how the same select group of mom bloggers always seemed to be attached to the latest brand campaigns. Then, I stopped trying to figure out how, and started trying to learn why. There is a lot to learn from those at the top, and if nothing else, it’s a great motivator to get in there and try to elevate your own writing, design, photography, and business savvy.


  3. does that mean that the rest of us arent trying hard enough or willing to do enough to make these companies happy? cause i can tell you that’s not true… oh so much i could say. but i wont.


  4. It always helps if you have business or PR experience before you become a blogger AND if you open up an official LLC or corporation. If you consider yourself a small business owner, it goes over better. PR people talk to each other.


    • You don’t, because your reviews shouldn’t be paid. If you are writing a review, it should be an editorial. Sponsored Posts are paid posts. As are advertorials, and, sometimes, giveaways (which would then be sponsored posts as well, if they are paid.)

      How do you transition? Well, its not really a transition. You work to get a following, a strong reputation, and a noteable demographic. You use that to represent your influence as you make proposals to companies. You reach out. You respond to PR. You build your business and as you grow.

      Great post, Jennifer. A wonderful compliment to the leaders in our field.


  5. I am with Carol. I have tons of companies asking me to test and review their products, how do I turn that into profit. I would really love to have a mentor, I was a nurse before becoming a full time home mommy, I have no business back ground. HELP PLEASE!! Mommy Katie


  6. Always reminding me of the track I need to move towards, but I think I’m like you and on the 10,000 hour transition. Or at least I’m waiting until both of my kids are in school that time will make concentrating a lot easier.


  7. I am constantly evaluating my blog and what it says about me. I am a humor blogger and I often feel like the expectations brands have for my skills are different than what they expect of bloggers who are more introspective and expressive on their blogs. I wish I could find a way to demonstrate that I can write well across all spectrum (I AM a writer, not only a blogger) without compromising my blog’s brand. Perhaps I’m lacking in the selling myself department?! I enjoy reading posts like this one to allow me to really take a moment to think about what I need to revamp, what I need to get better at to increase my ability to stand out to brands as someone who is worth engaging in conversation. ‘Cause once they talk to me, they’re SO mine;)! Any tips about how being delusional about one’s awesome may adversely affect their opportunities?! Clearly that’s the post I need to read. Thanks for sharing!


  8. It’s amazing. I don’t consider myself a BIG mommy blogger, yet companies consistently email me with offers. I love what you said about “reputation” because if you’re out there complaining all the time, cursing or hanging out ALL your dirty laundry, advertisers, sponsors won’t want to be associated with you.

    I do want to be a BIG mommy blogger though, so I take my blog time seriously and dedicate myself to it, whether it be by continually learning something new or producing a quality product! I love blogging!


  9. I think if you look carefully at the mom bloggers at the top, you will see that most of them were successful in business before they became moms and started blogging. And of course, success breeds more success. Business is a way of thinking that really is different from what most moms are used to.

    Great article, as always!


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