Soul Work for Blogging Businesswomen: Part II

This weekend I attended Type-A Mom Conference with countless other blogging businesswomen. The energy was palpable. The conference hallways were filled with women bloggers who looked at new ways of taking their blog to a new level including discovering new monetization methods, how

Looking out the window of the Marriott Renaissance where Type-A Conference was held.

to be a better writer, how to re-brand, and how to turn their blog into a business, among other topics. It was wonderful! I loved every moment of the time I spent in Asheville. I was thrilled to meet new bloggers and also catch up with good friends. In the midst of such positive, business-focused women was soul work in itself. I also took my soul work to another level on the way home on Sunday.

Instead of taking the quickest way home we decided to take the Blue Ridge Parkway and essentially drive on one of the most beautiful highways in all of North America. Even though it took us four hours out of the way, simply driving through so much nature and beauty was an easy way for me to get my soul right for the upcoming week. I have a heavy day of travel upcoming this week, plus tons of projects I need to be “present” for that taking in the positive vibes of the Parkway was a must!

Enmeshing myself in soul work is something I am doing on a regular basis because it helps keep me grounded especially as the holidays draw near and my travel and projects escalate sharply. I have to take time to breathe. That’s what I did today. Sometimes it’s easiest for me to remember my soul work when I travel because it has the potential of taking a lot out of me.

I have created a soul work series where I talk about ways I take time for myself to breathe and decompress from taking in nature to being mindful of my life and what I’m doing with it over a simple cup of coffee. Taking the time to think clearly no matter where you are is definitely a soul work practice. Read part one.

How do you take time for yourself?


  1. Taking time for myself: 1) I must attend my 5:30 a.m. boot camp class every MWF morning 2) I must have a date night with my hubby (no kids) once a month 3) I must have as many Girls Night Outs as I can squeeze in (at least 2 times a month) And a monthly massage would be nice too but that’s not do-able right now:)

    Have a great week!


  2. I’m so glad that Type A Mom got me out from under my rock to realize just how fabulous you are.

    Jealous of your beautiful drive. It rained for my entire drive home and I was lucky to see past my windshield.

    Sometimes cliches are cliches for a reason: I find time for myself and recharge on the beach. The vastness of the ocean, the breeze, the fresh air: I feel free, completely myself, and connected when I’m on the beach.


  3. Next time I see you we need to take our conversation on a pretty walk outdoors since we both live nature do much. It fills me too.

    Also, my camera. It has a way of pointing out the things I’m not noticing, and that there is beauty in the everyday.


    • (dang autofill and lack of sleep…sorry for the occasional odd word up there. You know what I meant)

      Sleep. Sleep is soul-filling too. And I need some now.


  4. Jennifer
    This series is so valuable. We have to make time to be really still and allow God to speak to our hearts. I think being still is an art that few people do well, because it goes against our need to always be “doing something.”

    Long runs, early morning hikes on the weekends and getting up an hour or more before my family are the ways I keep my heart open to wisdom. These 3 things keep me inspired in my personal and professional life.


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