Interview with Skype’s Brianna Reynaud and Ways Skype is Using Their Technology For Good

Last week when I was in New York City covering UN Week at the UN Digital Media Lounge I got a chance to sit down with Brianna Reynaud, Senior PR Manager for Skype in the Americas, to talk about ways Skype is using their technology to connect socially conscious people around the world.

Skype, one of the Digital Media Lounge’s primary sponsors, was able to bring pivotal information from experts who either couldn’t meet with us in New York or who had scheduling conflicts. “It’s a powerful notion to take a conference that is based in New York City and everyone can see a Skype call,” said Reynaud. “Skype is really breaking down geographic barriers.”

While the UN discussed the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and how they can be better reached by 2015, experts and global activists were brought in from around the world via Skype to give their analyses of the issues and to propose solutions to global crises such as extreme poverty and hunger, child mortality, and environmental sustainability, three of the eight MDGs. According to Reynaud, Skype will be looking to continue facilitating conversations such as those seen at the UN Digital Media Lounge and be a part of the global conversation.

While the Skype calls were a necessary technology to connect experts, bloggers, and the media, there were, as to be expected, some technical glitches from time to time and some of the conversations were choppy for a moment or two. Overall, however, the Skype calls were well-managed and extremely helpful in sustaining key conversations during UN Week.

Skype is continuing their work to connect global citizens through their partnership with Peace One Day. Peace One Day has provided education materials in six languages that students, teachers, and parents can download for free that asks them to think about a united and peaceful world. Skype is also providing technology where classrooms around the world can talk to one another though a simple call and an Internet connection.


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