Part 3: Soul Work for Blogging Businesswomen: New York City Edition

If you follow me on Twitter you know I travel a lot. Traveling as much as I do can take a serious toll on me if I don’t take a little time to sit quietly, breathe, and just think for a second. When I travel it’s always go, go, go! That means I need to be prepared, on point, and present whenever I hit my destination. I also need to be relaxed in order to have a productive trip.

How do I do that?

Blogger Brunch at the Redbook Office, Hearst Building, 8th Ave.

Well, it depends on where I am. Yesterday I was in New York City for a blogger brunch with Redbook magazine. I arrived in New York early around 7 am. Since the brunch wasn’t until 12:30 I had a lot of time to kill. The first thing I did was get a facial at Xpress Spa at LaGuardia airport. To be completely honest, it wasn’t the best facial I’ve ever had by a long shot, but it was a way for me to get relaxed after a very early start to my day. I needed to get pampered and centered quickly. A facial was the perfect way to do it.

One of the things about Xpress Spa is they have rooms where you can have your treatment done. I chose to get my facial in one of their rooms because I didn’t want it done where passersby could gawk at me sitting in a spa chair under flourescent lights getting my face beautfied. I needed serenity and got it.

Once I reached the city I went to Pigalle on 8th Avenue and had a magnificent breakfast. And honest to goodness, I had the very best cappuccino I’ve ever had in my life and believe me, I drink a lot of cappuccino. It was so smooth and delicious! I savored every moment of  it.

After breakfast I walked around midtown Manhattan awhile until it started to rain and then I popped into Argo Tea Café at Columbus Circle. I opted for Armenian Mint tea and sat quietly for

Argo Tea, Columbus Circle on Broadway.

quite some time thinking about nothing really. The tea was great, but the atmosphere was even better. It was dim, minimal, and modern. Just the way I like it.

Part III of the Soul Work Series is about finding peace and serenity when you travel. It can be difficult to travel, especially if you do it a lot. But if you take a moment to yourself and find time to get centered traveling can be moving soul work even in a busy city like New York.

Read the rest of the Soul Work Series.


  1. That sounds like a great time! I really have to get to a blogging conference some time!

    I think I would go for a massage and a pedicure instead!

    Have a great day- keep the good stuff coming.


  2. You’re a smart lady because you take advantage of every single minute of the day to find a chance to re-group and re-charge! Good for you to find some time for yourself on your business trip to New York. I strongly believe that the same advice applies to moms … if we look after ourselves, we will be able to better handle the ups and downs of parenthood.
    Glad I found your blog site!


  3. SO true- when I travel, a part of me always feels bad for leaving my kids. But another part of me feels like, Look, you’re gone, and that’s the reality- you can spend that time beating yourself up, or your time rejuvenating so that when you return to your family, that time away was beneficial. When else can I get a quick massage or facial or enjoy a peaceful breakfast alone? My children don’t begrudge that, and I won’t be a martyr. We’re all the happier for it. Well said, you. xoxo, L


  4. So true! I recently took a trip to Pennsylvania for The Relevant Conference and as wonderful as it was, traveling from California had it’s trying moments. I had a soul finding moment in the walkway of the Washington airport. I think scheduling ourselves some extra time in between flights is a we can rest. Too much of a packed schedule leaves us yoked with anxiety.


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