50 Mom Bloggers With a 40+ @Klout Score

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Yesterday I was riding home from a property I was invited to visit on the North Carolina coast when I received a tweet from Kim Moldofsky about a Klout list of top mom bloggers. I clicked over with great
interest since I just wrote about Klout and then my head almost exploded, not because of the moms who are featured on the list (and deservedly so), but because of the moms who weren’t on the list, me included (yes, I let my ego run wild for a minute!)

Today instead of complaining about the list and since I know the mom space, I decided to pull together a list of more mom bloggers with Klout scores over 40. I’m sorry if I missed you and you have a 40+ Klout score.  It’s inevitable to overlook people when making lists! If you have a Klout score over 40, please leave your Twitter handle in the comments and I will create the “50 More Mom Bloggers With a 40+ Klout Score” list.

**NOTE (Added 10/24) I understand that the Klout list was formulated from the Babble Top 50 Mom Bloggers list. That said, I took it upon myself to expand the list to include more moms with social media influence.

**NOTE (Added 10/30) I have created another list of 50 More Mom Bloggers With 40+ Klout Score.

1. ResourcefulMom 77
2. ReneeJRoss 65
3TheSmartMama 59
4. ThatKristen 59
5. ScrappinMichele 57
6.CecilyK 56
7. HerBadMother 56
8. RobynsWorld 56
9. 3KidsandUs 56
10. MomSpark 54
11. JylMomIF 54
12. SugarJones 54
13. CrunchyGoddess 54
14AnissaMayhew 53
15. MissBritt 53

16. AGiveawayDaily 53
17. AudreyMcClellan 52
18. MomBloggersClub 51
19. SavortheThyme 51
20. MomAdvice 51
21. TechMama 50
22LaFlowers 50
23. 5MinutesforMom 49
24. DagmarBleasdale 49
25. ClassyMommy 49
26. MomStart 49
27. CentsibleLife 49
28. ScaryMommy 48
29. AlliWorthington 48
30. MyBellaMia 48

31. AmberStrocel 48
32. RealLifeSarah 47
33. Momfuse 47
34. Chookooloonks 47
35.BabySteph 47
36. EverydayMama 47
37. BFMom 47
38. SavingEveryday 45
39. SecretAgentMama 44
40. TheMomJen 44
41. ALotofNothing 44
42. MyBottlesUp 44
43. ABittersweet1 44
44. MsLatina 44
45. YoungMommy 44

46. CarissaRogers 42
47. ModernMami 42
48. AngEngland 42
49. NewYorkChica 42
50. AnjWrites 42

More Moms With 40+ Klout Score

sitsgirls 41
momtrends 41
selfishmom 41
BostonMamas 41
sprittibee 41
angryjulie 41
1momof5 40
lajollamom 40
TasteLikeCrazy 40
princessla66 40


  1. Let me just preface this by saying, I hate lists. In most cases, they definitely have a purpose and I can appreciate that, I just don’t like anyone having their feelings hurt by feeling left out (myself included sometimes).

    With that said, THANK YOU, for including me, it feels nice to be recognized sometimes. I wish I had a magical Klout secret to share but honestly, I started using twitter not knowing what I’m doing and it’s still the case over a year later. So I say, converse, promote others more than you do yourself and be positive. :)


    • Hi Catherine — You’re welcome! I’m not a huge fan of lists either. If there is a third party (in this case, Klout) then I don’t have a problem listing people using their numbers. I just wish I could include everyone. I know I forgot tons of people!


  2. Jennifer has anyone told you lately how much you ROCK???? I do not say this because I am on this list even – I am saying it because you took the time to not only create a MUCH better list of high Klout score Moms, but that you even included pictures of them. You amaze me! Things like this is why I am constantly telling people to sign up at MomBloggersClub.com and to follow you on Twitter and download your eBook and just really take the time to learn all of this wonderful things you share with the rest of us!


    • Thanks, Robyn!

      It nearly took me all day to put this together (and unfortunately I missed a lot of moms), but I thought it was important and wanted to illustrate that there are a heck of a lot of mom bloggers out there with influential Klout scores!


  3. I was pretty frustrated yesterday, too. As a mom blogger with a Klout score of 49, I still never show up in anyone’s list, and never have. (Which is probably okay as I just used the term “fuckballs” on Twitter. So, well, yeah.)

    But these sorts of popularity contests that have followed bloggers around since the beginning. La la la.

    I did notice, though, that all Klout did was take Babble.com’s existing list of 50 Top Mom Bloggers — which was based on other criteria entirely — and then rank them according to their Klout scores. Probably to make Klout scores more popular. Wheee!

    Oh, and I’m @kristysf.


  4. Love the fact that you are highlighting some more awesome Moms here.
    But to be fair to the Klout folks, the last paragraph of their post states:
    “The Babble.com list was a great place to start, but we know there’s more great mom bloggers out there. Who do you think are the top Mommy bloggers? What other lists should we look at? Leave a comment and fill us in.”
    So it’s not like they weren’t looking to find more outside the Babble list.
    Hopefully they see your lists Jennifer – as there are some amazing ladies here!

    Oddly, I don’t consider myself a Mom Blogger – just a blogger who also happens to be a mom. My klout score varies depending on how active I’ve been of late. It’s currently 45 – next week? Who knows.
    But you have to love the fact that Klout is trying!!


    • Hi Lucretia,

      Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy reading your insights.

      I know Klout was using Babble’s list and attached the Klout scores to those moms. I know Klout is trying, but I would have loved to see them go out and create their own list instead of simply piggybacking off Babble. That’s why I decided to pull together a list here.

      By the way — I looked at your Klout score, but didn’t include you because I didn’t think you considered yourself a mom blogger per se.

      Thanks, again, for stopping by!


  5. Thanks for the shout-out Jennifer! As with any stats, these scores appear to be very dynamic, that is, they can change quickly. When you wrote your previous post, you mentioned your Klout score was 46. I was feeling pretty good that mine was 44. But now yours is up over 50 and mine has sunk to the mid-30s. Is influence that fleeting?

    Perhaps the lesson is grab to a screenshot when your score is at it’s highest. ;-)


  6. I’m going to echo Cat in that I usually cringe at lists, but, since this one comes from YOU, it has a different meaning and purpose.
    I’m ecstatic to be part of it, considering I don’t have many followers on my @laflowers handle since I just recently started it to be able to have more “personal” tweets. Glad to see my personal one getting the love :)

    Thanks for being such a leader, an inspiration, and for letting your ego run wild for a minute!!

    @Kim–a “Klout score at it’s best” screenshot is a fantastic idea. I already have a screenshot of this post!


  7. Hi Jennifer. Thanks for including me on this list! Which is funny, because I just today learned what a Klout score is. I will check it out (and link to Facebook). :)

    Thank you for the work you do!


  8. The whole Klout score is a new concept to me. I haven’t looked into the site very much, so I am not entirely sure what truly effects it. Mine has been a 63 for some time now, but again, don’t exactly know how I got that score or how much it really matters.

    Great list! Following many of these gals myself….

    Tamara (@unxperiencedmom)


  9. A topic for another day but I find the issue of “who is a mommy blogger” and “who is a mother that blogs” fascinating. Back on the topic at hand — I’m not sure if she counts under this definition but another one is @holleeinbalance, who currently has a Klout rating of 43.


  10. Thanks for the inclusion, it’s my 1st list and I’m happy to have it coming from you since you are someone I really admire and respect.

    I saw that you took a whole day to do this-that kind of dedication to making a list that needs to happen more often.

    Looking forward to following the women I’m not already on the list and in the comments.


  11. Jennifer,
    Thanks for this list! I was quite shocked (but very happy) to see my twitter handle (@1momof5) on the list. Near the end, but still there. Yay! Although maybe that’s just a sign that I tweet too much…


  12. Well, this article helped me a lot, since after signing up with Klout and adding my Facebook, I found that my Klout score is actually 45! Sorry I missed the list, but if you ever add more moms *raises hand* :)


  13. Oprah Winfrey has a 65 Klout Score. Congrats to Renee, who has the same influence as Oprah.

    And congrats to “Agiveawaydaily” who is as influential as Heather Armstrong.

    Quantifying influence with algorithms alone is wrought with issues. I have never heard of this Klout thing but I wouldn’t spend a lot of time being happy–or sad–about where you fall.


    • Hi Liz –

      Thanks for stopping by. I definitely hear you. One question I have is how can Dooce have a 52 Klout when she has a true reach of 2 mil. Makes no sense whatsoever. However, that certainly doesn’t negate that Klout is starting to become a standard in the industry of how to quantify social media influence. Virgin America and others are already using it. I’m sure many more are ready to use it as well. Klout was all the buzz at Blog World Expo.

      Who knows…Klout may not pan out to be anything. But my instinct tells me otherwise.


      • Yes I agree Jennifer. A lot of people may not retweet Dooce, but they’re certainly paying attention. Does that make her less influential online? Common sense would say…duh.

        From a marketing standpoint, I think it’s yet another faulty shortcut for lazy marketers. Based on Klout scores, they would sooner give an endorsement deal to Kim Karsashian than Barack Obama. Or Oprah.

        From a blogging standpoint, it worries me that this is the kind of thing that messes up social media. I’d hate bloggers to think that they’re tweeting too much/too little/ with the wrong people and that it somehow borks their “influence score” and costs them opportunities.


      • I agree that a lot of people are watching Dooce… but are they listening? Is she engaging her audience on Twitter or is it a one way street? I think a lot of what is measured in Klout is not how many people follow you but how many people are you interacting with. Is it better to have 2 million plus people watching what your are saying or a handful of people actively participating in the conversation?

        I don’t know the answer… but it makes me wonder.


      • Good questions Steph! I wonder what it all means too.

        How is influence defined? If someone hosts a giveaway and gets RTs as a provision of entry, is that real influence? If followers hang on your every word but you don’t interract with them, is that influence? If a lot of people tweet about you because you’re mired in controversy, does that make you influential?

        Maybe Klout should be called an Interactivity Metric instead of an influence one.

        Just a thought.

        Either way, I love that Jennifer has rounded up so many great women here – nice to see new faces to me, if not to their thousands of followers!


      • As always, very interesting stuff Jennifer! And I agree with you, Steph, and Liz. And as someone who used to pore over statistics for a living, I tend to be very skeptical when these allegedly all inclusive scores (or really, any best of type lists) come out. It’s impossible to capture the intricacies and subtleties of interaction. And yes, Liz’s points about RTs purely for giveaways, etc. etc. — it’s the stuff that seems to contribute erroneously to a sense of true interactivity and influence online.

        Anyway, I’m not saying anything new, just sharing my combined sense of interest and skepticism! -Christine


    • Klout seems to be one of those things everyone is still trying to figure out. What I don’t have a good sense of is how well it tracks how much a person is listening and engaging themselves. But it is an interesting tool…but like all tools, it’s just that.

      And my Klout is 47. http://klout.com/MollyinMinn



    • I know! Klout used to be this platform we all toyed around with…”Look at my influence. Giggle. The move on”. However, they pulled up their bootstraps and made something of their algorithm.

      Congrats on @ellamedia. Very good!!


  14. @Liz – I agree. It’s a lazy marketer’s way of finding influencers. Klout does have its flaws. There is no doubt about that. That said, I prefer to alert people to where the social media community is headed instead of keeping this little gem to myself and also letting Klout know where some mom influencers are according to their own numbers.

    We all know there are metrics and algorithms in digital media. They’re never going away. This is just another example of it. As digital media becomes more sophisticated, then we may have to evolve with it. I’m not saying I necessarily agree with it, but I understand how the game is played. I want to be on the field when Klout really becomes the standard they are looking to become.


  15. The whole thing is very interesting. My score went down when I added Facebook too, which may be indicative of how I use (or really don’t use) Facebook professionally.

    Like all these imperfect measures of influence, we should extract the valuje we can but not expect too much eother.


    • Thanks for stopping by Susan! Klout is definitely imperfect. They are pushing hard to improve their algorithm from what I read and created a lot of buzz during #BWE10. I have this gut feeling this one’s going to last. I haven’t had this feeling since I stumbled upon Twitter in 2007.


  16. Jennifer-
    Thanks for always adding such a great voice and different perspective to discussions on social media issues!

    I do think it is important to understand the social media metric tools out there – but then I start to get overwhelmed. So I decided to give myself a personal metric of reaching out to my community in an authentic way.


    • Hi Beth —

      I completely agree. Authenticity trumps all. It’s wonderful when you can stay authentic and still have a high Klout score. Typically I don’t care about these metric sites. For example, I completely blew off TweetLevel. I just have this hunch about Klout..that it’s going to be more important than we even realize right now.


  17. Hey Jennifer,

    Great article! As you noted, our article was based on Babble.com’s list so this is a much more complete list. Thanks for putting it together, it’s a great group!

    Marketing Manager, Klout


  18. I seldom appreciate lists – and not because I don’t appear on them, but because I feel they are more exclusive than inclusive.

    I don’t expect me to be on anyone’s radar, but I did a quick check of my own score for fun and found it at 46.



  19. I first learned of KLOUT several months ago. I didn’t bother to check my score as I felt there was no need. Then when I was entering a photo contest a few months ago, every time I logged into the sponsor’s system to submit an entry, my KLOUT score was staring me in the face (it was a part of their webpage). It drove me crazy to see it, but the funny thing was my score never wavered. It was consistently 46. That photo contest is long since over and when I read your writeup, I decided to see if my score had changed. It hadn’t. It’s still 46. I find that odd since there were periods of time when I was hardly tweeting due to my mom being in the hospital. I’m not sure how KLOUT gets their data but I thought not tweeting would have an effect. If it has, I haven’t seen it, but I’m not going to worry about it since, to me, it’s just a number and a pretty meaningless one as far as my real life goes. In my real life, my score is based upon how many hugs I get from my husband and kids. The more hugs, the better. I’m happy to report that my real life score far exceeds my KLOUT score. ;-)


  20. I first learned about Klout when I started seeing it on HootSuite (when it shows someone’s profile). I think Klout helps show that it’s not about # of followers but about influence.

    By the way, my Klout score is 50 and I’d love to be included! (@adventuroo)


  21. Thanks for putting this together… and for sharing your instinct about the future of Klout. I’m sure there is no perfect analytic system out there, but as more resources are allocated to social media marketers are going to look to something to justify who they choose to work with.

    I have a score of 41 @PureNaturalDiva


  22. Well, if 40 is the number to shoot for, my mere 19 is very embarrassing. I feel like I just failed a test at school and the cool kids test. That is actually surprising. And here I thought that I tweeted too much. Apparently I don’t tweet enough.

    LOL!I will say that based on the items that it lists under “Content Analysis” it seems way out of date because I have not tweeted about 2 of those things in ages.


    • Kris, hon, you ARE a cool kid! Don’t the sunglasses prove it? ;)

      The things it said I tweeted about were suspect, too. Ummm coffee? I gave up my daily habit months ago and rarely mention it….if ever.

      Go figure.


  23. Very cool! Sooo I have a Twitter.Grader score of 100% and a Klout Score of 28. Now, can you tell us the difference and how to improve one. From what I can see, Klout says I am influenced by several people I tweeted a lot with a year ago … Any thoughts on this? Thanks Jennifer!


    • Same here as I said above. It seems really, really out of date. I have not tweeted with the people that show up under my score in ages. Some of them I think I may have only tweeted once or twice. So I am not understanding how it scores at all.


  24. Thank You for the time you spent putting this together. Yes, there are many many wonderful bloggers and moms – maybe the next list will be the ‘killion’ top moms (my son made up the number and uses it daily)


  25. My clout score is 42 and I’m not on any list. @PetiteMommy is my Twitter name. I remember when Klout came out but didn’t think much of it after that. I’m still wondering what all this influence means since we are all so different and many don’t interact with others. However, this is an awesome list of Moms! I think I follow almost all of them. Thanks!


  26. While I believe most lists are made to get the list maker the attention of the “listees,” I appreciate that you really do want to highlight influential moms and women.

    I just love seeing everyone’s beautiful face, and counting myself blessed to know most of them here! Thanks for including me!


  27. Hey Jennifer,

    I popped over to this post after reading Sarah/Genesis Mom’s post linking to it :).

    I’ve been hesitant to look at my Klout score (why compare myself to others and end up feeling “less than”?) but after reading your and Sarah’s thoughts, I checked it out.

    My score is a 41, so I *guess* I could make your list :).

    The thing that was intriguing to me is while the people who influenced me was somewhat legit, those I influenced made me go HUH?!!! Sooo, that made me question its reliability.

    Still, people DO like to draw comparisons and its just one tool in a sea of many in the digital space that accomplish that very thing.


  28. Ok, so add me to the list. Apparently the connect Facebook trick really does work. I jumped from a 19 to a 48 overnight. And that even changed the list of influencers, etc. that shows up. Interesting.


  29. Liz, you are so sweet. :)

    Yep. I noticed on my Dashboard that my Profile was only 90% complete and Tweet This was the only one not marked off. Once I did it the profile was 100% complete, and the score jumped up.


      • The Tweet this does not change the score. It must have been the score in process of updating still from FB. I had mine increase – and then again up as the merged the accounts. I think it was stuff lingering.

        I don’t think Klout would would tie it to tweeting it – that would be plain wrong (and silly).


  30. all this does is judge your daily usage of twitter, if that. When this article was published i had a 38. This morning, a 29 with a true reach audience of 5K, this afternoon, a 45 klout score with a true reach of 191 people.

    It really depends on how much twittering you do per day I think and has no rhyme or reason. I really hope brands ignore this kinda of marketing tactic meant to bring traffic to the site, because has no real algorithm behind it.

    That is not to say that all the lovely ladies listed do not host influence in their respective communities, all of us whom are in social media actively do at some level, but as far as a ranking system that judges true consumer action, that’s an ROI that leaves even the biggest brands and advertising agencies scratching their heads as long as I have been a blogger.

    Its not going to be resolved by counting retweets.



  31. I wonder, though, if they do increase it when you complete your profile to 100%? Because it shows you care about your klout and are sharing the influence… which may make you all the more influential?

    Wonder if Klout is still reading this thread and may weigh in?


  32. I’m not sure about the whole Klout going up after you tweet or share. I completed my profile and mine went down. Mine has jumped from 50 to 60s to 40s and now 20s in a few days. I’m thinking the score changes somewhat based on how active you are.


  33. It took me days to get through all the comments here. AWESOME conversation Jennifer. I agree with most. Klout isn’t the end all, be all score. And as I mentioned in my post, Klout is the New Follower Count (http://myblogalicious.com/?p=2313), you shouldn’t spend too much time worrying about what your Klout is, but I do think it is important that we know what ours is because it is being used. I also think that the Klout score is different than the PageRank because it gives explanations as to what the different scores mean and has useful information. Like everything, it is just a part of the bigger picture.


  34. I really had no clue about all this klout stuff. Out of curiosity, I went and checked mine.

    I’m a mom blogger and my score is 41! I guess this is a good thing????



  35. I ranked a 46 on Klout but if I add Facebook it goes down (since I only have around 500 friends). I can’t figure out how to have to add my Girlfriendology Facebook fans because that’s at almost 11,000. Oh well!

    I did hear, while I was out in Vegas for BWE, that the Palm’s Hotel gives ‘high-roller status’ to people with high Klout scores!


  36. This was a great read, Jennifer and I’m so happy to see some different faces on here as well as some of my favorites!

    There’s always something new, isn’t there. I found it really interesting to go check out a few peoples Klout score and to find out that mine is a 55! Who knew? :-)

    Thanks for being such a wonderful voice.


  37. I found that my OLD Twitter name (I’ve since changed the name – NOT the account – it to reflect with my new website) has more “klout” than my NEW Twitter name. Not sure how that’s possible, but it’s what the site reads LOL Perhaps it has something to do with the screen name itself? Not to mention that those things they have under my old Twitter name I haven’t Tweeted about in well over a year. :/

    I will say that I think the list is pretty awesome, nonetheless. I’ve even found some new ‘mom bloggers’ that I didn’t know existed and a lot that are very deserving of their influential status/klout. I truly don’t understand why you don’t have a higher klout as you’re EVERYWHERE and obviously very influential.


  38. I asked Klout to look into my score as it wasn’t showing my Twitter correctly. My Klout score is now 47 (Twitter: @AMomBlogger)

    I guess my confusion into how it worked didn’t make sense and now it does; I thought I was doing something wrong :/ LOL Many thanks to Klout.com for looking into that for me :) Great customer service!


  39. I have no idea what @klout is, but thanks for listing me. ;) I have met a lot of these ladies personally and love them dearly. So nice to be listed along with such great mama-blogging women.


  40. It’s funny isn’t it. People that don’t even know what Klout is are above the magic 40 and people like me who have known about Klout since around the time it started are still BELOW 40. I’ve been hovering at 39 for months even though I’ve boosted all my interactions that they are supposed to monitor. I even just Tweeted and Retweeted about Klout to see if I could increase my score like so many of you have done successfully.

    Go figure…. LOL

    For now, I know I for one am going to stop obsessing so much about my inferior Klout score and get some more Twitter, Facebook, and blog activity going instead. Maybe it will magically increase if I don’t worry about it so much.


  41. This is a great list and I think I will borrow the idea to feature some Canadian Bloggers over on my site. If that is OK?

    I was personally shocked to check my own Klout this week and see it’s climbed to 57!


  42. I’m @Danni_LJD. I don’t know how or why Klout matters, but I’ve got a score of 40. I’m also following nearly all of that list. I enjoy lists b/c they help me find new people to read, but I can’t see getting all twisted up about whether I appear on one or not.


  43. Why am I just seeing this post? Wow, thank you for including me. You spent a lot of time on this post and I appreciate all of the recognition you gave these amazing bloggers. :)


  44. I just checked my Klout Score @MWYT and it is a 59. I wasn’t sure if that was good or not so I searched google and found your article. Thanks for the frame of reference!


  45. I follow most of these bloggers/social media experts, yay! Great to see I’m in good company! I was curious about what my Klout score meant and I’m at 47 which is a nice number. I look forward to connecting with everyone at some point or another as the world is small! If you’re curious about what Itsabelly Baby Planners is about check out my site at itsabelly.com. Thanks!


  46. Jennifer, I had to come back and say, I got a notice this morning that my clout is over 40 now. Woot woot! 45. HeatherM74 is you ever do a new post on klout. I should search shouldn’t I? :)


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