50 More Mom Bloggers With 40+ @Klout Score

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As promised I created another list of mom bloggers whose Klout score is 40 or higher. As aforementioned, there were tons of mom bloggers I completely omitted last week which is wholly unfortunate. To remedy that, I put a call out and have now created a crowdsourced list of mom bloggers who master the social web.

One thing I have maintained for years is there are pockets of influence throughout the mom blogging community. Our community is vast, diverse, and ever-changing. For that reason, I wanted to recognize as many mom bloggers as possible for their efforts.

1. BookieBoo 74
2. QueenofSpain 65
3Geekbabe 65
4. CarlaYoung 64
5. MommyNiri 59
6. BarefootFoodie 59
7. Looneytunes 58
8. MamaSpohr 57
9. MariaMelee 56
10. KristineBrite 56
11. PhDinParenting 55
12. Crissy 55
13. Sthrnfairytale 55
14JustPrecious 55
15. DanielleSmithTV 54

16. MamasMoney 54
17. StacieinAtlanta 53
18LittleTechGirl 53
19. Sahans 53
20. RedneckMommy 52
21. Fakeginger 52
22. Mommywords 51
23. MyGoMom 51
24. UnxperiencedMom 51
25. Adventuroo 50
26. ComplicatedMama 49
27. Military_Mom 49
28. Kristysf 49
29Jennyitup 49
30. ErikaLehmann 48

31 Cuponeando 48
32. ShellThings 48
33FromTracie 48
34. TheMommyologist 47
35. LosAngelista 47
36. MollyinMinn 47
37. MooshInIndy 46
38. DigitalKadi 46
39. VDog 46
40. Jodifur 46
41. Thienkim 46
42. MomDot 45
43. MusingsFromMe 45
44MultitaskingMe 44
45. GaBabyMaker 44

46. OurOrdinaryLife 44
47. JoeyFortman 44
48Mami2Mommy 44
49. RockDrool 44
50. ManicMother 44

+ More Mom Bloggers

holleeinbalance 43
mindfulmomma 43
itsmoments 43
tothink 42
noflashcards 42
momagenda 42
Moomettes 41
misslori 41
gograhamgo 41
momfluential 41
gingeranderson 40
lifewithoutpink 40
twincident 40


  1. You rock for doing this a second time and including me! I’m with @mommyniri…this must have taken a really long time. A really really long time. Well, at least it would have taken ME a long time. I’m honored to be amongst such fabulous women!!! XXOO


    • Hi there! It definitely took a long time, but I really wanted to do it! I felt an obligation to feature as many moms as possible because I couldn’t possibly remember everyone the first time around.


  2. Jennifer, thank you so much for taking the time to put this list together…. It must have taken so much time… Am so grateful…. It is an amazing collection of women!!!


  3. You left me out of both lists. My score is 57. But then again, that’s a lot of mommas to track, and I can imagine it’s nearly impossible not to miss some people. I love a lot of the awesome mommas on both of your lists, so thanks for promoting them.


  4. I’m sure this took you ages to compile and then to add to the list Jennifer, so thank you. I’ve realized that Klout scores change very often. I’m not sure why or how. So this may be a never-ending process, or one that has its faults, just like any type of format that attempts to rate us as bloggers or influencers. I was in the 30’s just a few days ago and was shocked to see my score jump to 53 today. http://klout.com/conniefoggles

    Congrats to all who made the list! I do know that many of them make a world of difference to me professionally and personally.


  5. Fantastic lists–both of them. The part that resonates with me the most is how you talk about pockets of influence. We tend to think of the digital space as a pyramid, but that’s hardly true. Everywhere you look women (and men) are creating and influencing in their particular niche.

    I’m actually crazy about Klout and Twitter, so this list was an especially good one for me–I’m tired of seeing lists of “top Twitterers” and thinking to myself that those people aren’t particularly good at the medium. These Klout scores seem to align nicely with what my gut tells me makes a good Twitterer.


  6. Thanks for including me in this list! I love how you’ve represented so many bloggers on your lists – truly giving “the big picture” of women in blogging.

    Have a great day…


  7. I’ll be honest, I find this a little random. My score is 42, but there are other bloggers on your list with a similar score, and I would never put myself in their league (meaning: they’re way “above” me!). What a strange, strange world social media is. :)


  8. It’s been said many times, but honestly, thank you for even taking the time to create a new grouping. I barely have enough time to check my email.. so I know that this had to have been all consuming! Also, thank you for your support in general for the entire mom blogging community. If only this world was filled with more encouragers like yourself !


  9. Mine’s 43! Not sure how accurate that is, since it lists some of my top influencers as people I haven’t talked to in a year, and I’m on a lot more lists than it says. But it’s over 40, anyhow!


  10. So, my score just jumped from 13 to 40 (I’m @CandaceApril). Now I’m even more confused by Klout. I don’t think I was doing anything differently. But if it ever gets me on a list by Jennifer James then I will think it is totally cool ;)


  11. At a tip from Dawn, I added my facebook and went to 48…so make sure to add your facebook if you want to see your score go up. Not sure how much it will matter but for bloggers working brands, it can’t hurt.


  12. Actually I’m not on any of the lists, Babble or otherwise, and my score is 66.

    I guess my Twitter addiction is good for something. :) I try not to pay attention to the lists, but it’s sort of fun to see where I rank.


  13. My score went from 27 to 41 in a week – seems fishy to me. I got some other feedback from Twitter of scores rapidly moving up and down.

    Why are people so-o obsessed with numbers?


  14. I’m happy for all of the bloggers who made your list. However, it would be nice if someone would consider those female bloggers like me, who write about lifestyle issues, do not have children (but still blog about things that consider children), and have a klout score of 55.


  15. I wonder what this list would look like now.

    My klout score is 62, which would have put me in the top 5 when this list was done, but these ladies are now far past this number and are into the 70s!


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