Mom Bloggers: It’s All About the Big Picture

The holidays are gearing up which means there are going to be a lot of campaigns flowing in and through the mom blogging community. That’s all to say: Brace yourself! The next two months are going to be interesting!

As a mom blogger, this is the perfect time to start thinking about the future of your blog. It will be tempting to pounce on every opportunity that comes your way, but remember to slow down and think about your blog and the big picture.

Here are a few tenets to remember this holiday season:

  • If a brand approaches you with an out-of-this-world opportunity, but it doesn’t fit your blog, say no. It really is easier than you think.
  • If you get more product pitches than you know what to do with, review only those products that benefit you, your readership, and will keep your editorial tone consistent.
  • If you see a ton of your mom friends working with a brand and that brand doesn’t approach you, don’t worry about it! Opportunities will abound this season and many will certainly come your way.
  • If you get overwhelmed this season, think about partnering with bloggers you respect on holiday blogging projects. You never know, it may spin into something bigger in the new year.
  • If you find a lot of companies are coming to you to join their affiliate program (which they will), ask why they won’t advertise with you instead.
  • If you find yourself getting too much stuff, be sure to give a little, too. There will be many charities that desperately need your help.
  • If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, take a break and regroup.

The holiday season is the time to strive for excellence on your blog because it will set the tone for 2011. Err on the side of not doing too much more during these prime months and focus your efforts on writing exceptional content and forging quality brand partnerships.


    • I agree completely. Even with the girls helping, it’s easy to let yourself get overwhelmed and stressed out so I know I pass on many more opps than I accept- if they aren’t completely ridiculous offers I try to pass along to other bloggers who may have more time than I do.

      I have several friends who felt the need to accept everything, I guess in fear of not being considered next time that they pretty much forgot they aren’t just another review blog.

      Jennifer, thank you so much for these fabulous articles.


  1. Great post, and good reminder. It is very easy to get caught up in reviewing everything that comes your way. I stick to my blog philosophy. “Write what you Love” Product reviews are no exception. If I don’t think it will be a good fit to my life, we don’t do it.


  2. Wise words as always Jennifer. I find my husband Jon’s comment “opportunity isn’t always a good thing” highly relevant to the blog world. It’s good to pick and choose and push back with more questions when needed. I think it only serves to up your cache if you don’t act as a free for all gateway!

    And yes, paying it forward. It’s hugely important.


  3. Great advice. It can definitely get overwhelming and is tempting to pounce on all those opportunities… great message with this post to keep your blog & audience in mind.


  4. Great post as always Jennifer :) One thing I’ve been happy I can do is sometimes pass along samples and gifts from brands that I can’t use to charities and organizations in need. Nothing makes me happier.


  5. I just had a mega brainstorm. This year I am my kid’s school PTO vice president (I know, shoot me). So I’m thinking a lot about fundraising.. (again.. I know!).

    Recently a site asked me if I was interested in an affiliate plan for a very niche/specific gift card. Bottom line I thought? Sales of a card and I get a whopping 15%.. yeah no thank you…

    But what if instead I turned it into a fundraiser for the school. Instead of me pocketing the 15% PTO gets it. SO much easier to ‘sell’ something like that when it’s for a good cause and not just for your bottom line!

    We’ll see if it works, eh??


  6. Great food for thought. I use this time of year to do a holiday toy drive. We collect the toys for review and ask companies for extras to take to a charity of our choice. You would be amazed at all of the good things we do in our community through my blog. I don’t always blog about the difference we are making but it is still there regardless. I delete 3/4 of my e-mail now days.


  7. Totally agree. There’s no race to get the deals, nor should we horde them to ourselves and overwhelm ourselves in the process..not to mention overwhelm our families. I love handing off a good review to someone whose blog would be a better fit. Baby stuff isn’t my thing would be silly for me to accept one in that age category.


  8. I wish you would remove the ads off your email newsletter it takes over the last half
    of the paragraphs and is unreadable! I enjoy your posts and would love to read the
    entire thing just once.


  9. Great post Jennifer. In previous years, I have gone crazy/driven my family crazy during the holidays with all of the top pick lists and giveaways. I am not doing that this year. I’m turning down the vast majority of reviews and giveaways. Rather, I’ll do a FEW for really great product/experiences – for my readers, for charity and for my family. That’s it…I’ll be too busy enjoying the holiday season with my family to have my laptop attached at the hip. (At least, that’s the hope!)


  10. A Holiday Gift Guide will probably not happen for me this year — on my blog. I will be creating a Holiday Gift Guide for another site. All my energies are going to the other site. Looking forward to showcasing a selection of environmentally friendly toys and gifts on — sorry about the plug, but I’m proud of my new gig! —


  11. I recently had a tough test… I don’t have lots of extra money, and advertisements for my website haven’t been rushing in. When a company contacted me and offered to pay me to link to their website, I checked out their website and saw that they were offering high end, overpriced merchandise, something that I couldn’t stand behind because my blog is an anti consumerism blog… So I told them no. Losing that income source hurt, but I decided that it was the right thing to do. Oh well.


  12. Jennifer – Your posts never fail to be timely and right-on-the-money. I think your tenets are outstanding, particularly the one about turning affiliate offers into potential advertisers.


  13. Excellent advice as always Jennifer. Sometimes that one about seeing my friends working on a project that I wasn’t asked to be a part of gets me and I have to let it go. Usually when I feel myself getting like that is about the time that other bloggers ask me how the heck I have been picked for projects I am working on that they love – so it helps me refocus and understand there are plenty of fun things around for everyone!


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