@MomBlogMag Relaunches — Mom Bloggers + The Next Level

I am thrilled to announce the relaunch of Mom Blog magazine (www.momblogmagazine.com)! It has been over eight months since Mom Blog magazine launched initially on March 15, 2010. When I launched Mom Blog magazine last spring I was met with such overwhelming enthusiasm that I had to go back to the drawing board, refocus, and build a team of amazing writers to make Mom Blog magazine what I initially envisioned. Now, Mom Blog magazine is relaunching with an editor-at-large, five columnists, six editors, and a comic strip creator!

Mom Blog magazine is now a robust online magazine that talks about the business of mom blogging. We will be covering news that is happening in our community and will also provide key tech, apps, mobile, social media, blogging, and gadgets information. Additionally, we have five amazing columnists who will be penning thought-provoking posts each week and we have a cartoonist! I couldn’t be happier.

Here is the amazing Mom Blog magazine team:

  1. Britt Reints — Columnist
  2. Elizabeth (Busy Mom) — Books Editor
  3. Christy Matte – Columnist
  4. Ellen Seidman – Columnist
  5. Kris Cain — Tech Editor
  6. Leticia Barr – Tech Editor
  7. Melissa Chapman — Columnist
  8. Michele McGraw – -Gadgets Editor
  9. Nicole Blades — Editor-at-Large
  10. Rebecca Levey — Social Media Editor
  11. Robyn Wright — Apps/Mobile Editor
  12. “Sarah” — Columnist
  13. Am Derosa — Comic Strip Creator

You can see more about the team on our bios page.

Today you definitely don’t want to miss our first column from “Sarah”, an anonymous columnist who works in PR: Why PR People Get Paid and You Don’t. Also, don’t miss our first comic and our interview with Kimberley Blaine who just launched MommytoMommy.tv.


I would like to thank Bounce Dryer Bar for being our first site sponsor!

I also would like to thank Emily McKhann of The Motherhood for expressing the importance of moving Mom Blog magazine off a flash site. Oh, yes, the first Mom Blog magazine was beautiful and as a designer I love beautiful things, but it certainly wasn’t functional for everyone who owns an Apple mobile device, me included!

I really hope you enjoy Mom Blog magazine!



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