The First Week of Mom Blog Magazine

As many of you know Mom Blog magazine relaunched last Wednesday. So far, it’s been a wonderful relaunch even if one piece in particular really stirred the pot in the blogosphere.

Our only anonymous writer’s piece, Why PR People Get Paid and You Don’t, hit the community hard. If there is one thing I know for sure it’s this: no matter where you stand in the debate, a conversation was started through “Sarah’s” piece. Now, let’s see where this conversation goes.

Christy Matte wrote a rebuttal piece, Blogger – PR Tango: It Takes Two, because columnists for the same publication can and will disagree sometimes.

Our apps, gadget, and tech editors, Robyn Wright, Michele McGraw, Kris Cain, and Leticia Barr, are amazing. Don’t miss their fabulous content.

Our social media editor, Rebecca Levey, talks about using social media tools to become a better blogger in How to be the Belle of the Ball and our books editor, Busy Mom, reviewed Unmarketing in a way that you can actually get through. And, finally, our comic strip creator, Am Derosa, threw a little humor in the mix in her first comic for Mom Blog magazine.

And there are even more columnists who still have yet to be published. Stay tuned!

As the founder and publisher of Mom Blog magazine I am extremely proud of our first week. A member of our team has been asked to speak at a national conference that’s not in the mom space and we’ve partnered with CBS’s The Talk ( to give away $1300 in electronics for the holidays.

I can’t wait to see how next week unfolds. Whatever happens, don’t miss any of it! Add us to your reader,  follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook.

See you there!


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