An Open Letter to Brands Going to Blogher: Start Planning Now!

I know it’s only early February, but before we know it March will be knocking on our door, then April, then May, then June and then everything will be crazy then and too late!

If you represent a brand that plans to be at Blogher this year, I implore you to start planning now if you haven’t already. I know brands have been planning their marketing strategies since last year, but it’s still early enough to get your ducks in a row now.

From a blogger’s standpoint we need to receive invitations to your parties, suites, shindigs, blogger teams, ambassadorships, and consulting teams sooner rather than later. Right now it’s a race. We’re only in the first 100 meters, but it’s a race nevertheless. If you want to work with some of the mom blogger influencers who fit your brand best, start reaching out as soon as you have your plan and budget in place. Why? Because I assure you another brand is looking at the same mom and will email her before you do and you don’t want to receive the 0h-I-wish-you-emailed-me-sooner reply.

Additionally, it’s still early enough to plan a smart marketing strategy for Blogher even if you don’t have huge marketing dollars to spend. Get creative and come up with something that will make a splash because of its uniqueness, not because you’ve spent the most dollars.

Also, if you really don’t have a lot of money to spend on Blogher, consider the smaller conferences like Mom 2.0Type-A Parent Conference, Women Create MediaEVOBlogalicious and SheStreams. You can also consider sponsoring bloggers where they can talk about your brand tastefully on their blogs without having to knock people over the head with your brand’s message while at Blogher.

The moral of the story is — start planning now! You don’t want to wait until July to start sending out invitations to parties and then no one can attend because they have committed to being elsewhere. Start now. Plan smart!


  1. As always Jennifer, I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for bringing this up now {you know the planner in me is nodding in agreement}.

    I love your comment about “knocking people over the head with the brand” … that’s exactly what it felt like last year! I hope brands will be more innovative this year. Consider how they can provide a more “engaging” experience for attendees with their message.

    I must say the Swanky After Hours Party did it best {in my opinion}, elegant ~ classy ~ fun.

    And sponsors of Blissdom “got it” when they pre-sent swag for the family to enjoy while the Social Media-ite was away from home for conference.

    Brands: take note.


  2. Sounds like a great plan, I’m in Indiana & won’t be attending but I’d be happy to promote
    some companies on my blog if they would like some promoting. I’m just learning about
    blogging conferences myself.


  3. I would add to not treat BlogHer like a consumer show either. I was disappointed at how many brands just wanted to give me a sample and that was really it. How do you want to work with bloggers? What sort of relationship do you see between your brand and me, the blogger? Have people working your booths in the expo hall who know these things. In the suites the same thing goes (most were great) – don’t just let folks wander into your suite and ignore them (I saw it happen) – engage!


  4. This is a great reminder! Last year there was a slew of last-minute emails that came just a few weeks before the conference. It’s so much easier to plan our schedules early-on and be sure we are able to fit everything in such a short weekend. Kudos to those brands that are already reaching out and have even confirmed plans with bloggers!


  5. I sent out a tweet during BlogHer last year right after the San Diego announcement was made that my city better start paying attention to the chatter! I’ve had a BlogHer Google Alert set up since last year.

    I’m looking forward to having the conference in my home town. Brands and companies who may be coming here from the midwest or east coast need to remember San Diego is a destination city. They can’t expect to make hotel reservations or reserve offsite party spaces at the last minute because things book fast and fill up early here.


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